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    Here is the post at AS.
    JJGirls is great for browsing some Japanese girls as the pictures are a bit bigger.
    The Chinese sites are more difficult to navigate, I do like MOKO for the gorgeous albeit overworked girls.

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    Tokyo Kinky has good articles but the posts are several months apart and there hasn’t been one for a while so I’m not sure if they have ceased operations.
    Gravure Girlz is another that has a great mix of girls but I can’t save pics which is a frustration.
    I would have to mention Instagram and more specifically Eurasian Hotties I follow them and it leads to an endless supply of gorgeous women. Also the Instagram accounts of photographers like Percival, Steve Bitanga or Rey Trajano are great for your Import Model style girls.

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    wingsfan19 wrote:


    There are a lot of sites and many redirect you to spam or cam girl sites. AsianThumbs is OK.

    All Gravure Girls is good:
    It’s primarily linked to Bravo Erotica:

    There are a lot of Japanese sites I like for vintage stuff, but they are not very secure and they hit you with tons of spam redirects, often including ransom ware pages that really suck ass. You have to reboot to prior history to flush that shit out. But if you’re savvy and courageous:

    Google translation is the best IMAO… You should be OK with these if you don’t venture off surfing too many links.

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    Hello people,

    I hope you won’t mind if i introduce my personal project – the Yahoo Group “Asian Sweethearts”

    I have amassed a library of well over 3,500 images of various Asiatic ladies culled from numerous websites by me and by our members over the past 13 years.

    As to the content – our opening statement says it pretty well:

    “This site is a celebration of the unique beauty of Asiatic women. I have collected the images from a wide range of sources and if any violate copyright please let me know and I will remove them. Enjoy them, post a comment if you like, and, if you have any suitable pics yourself, please share them with us. We don’t want hard-core pics, bondage etc so keep it tasteful, please; think “Playboy” style rather than “Hustler”.

    I should mention that we only post out half a dozen or so pics at a time so if you opt to receive all emails your inbox won’t be swamped.

    So, if you are interested in Asiatic gorgeousness please join us and, preferably contribute.

    Kindest regards,
    Colin (Madmick)

    1. ameri-ichinose-found


    2. Abigail


    3. Natalia-2


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    About the post above: that link is useless now that Yahoo has purged and basically destroyed their Groups feature, I hope that some of that hard collection work has been preserved somehow…

    Here is another link to a site that I find very useful for gravure idol fans. It’s in Japanese but it’s pretty easy to navigate:

    it’s a huge database that compiles hundreds of idols and groups them by cup size, age, height and prefecture, plus other data like the magazines or publications they appeared in. The “Ranking” in the title is related to the charts that show what are the most sold DVDs on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Also the number of covers they appeared on. Quite a huge effort!

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    Trying to resurrect this thread. I found this one site with lots of naked asian pics that is updated daily: It only has softcore solo pictures of models, mostly japanese and korean

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    Here’s one I just started using:

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    In Japanese, Zuri is stroke and Tomo is friend.

    The forum is openly focused about masturbation for celebrating Asian beauty. Small amount of members, moderated.

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