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Blaine, MN

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I am a Suicide Girl and freelance model
I am featured on Khmerican and am a brand ambassador for the Sin Driven clothing line.
I am half Cambodian and American. I never grew up knowing much about my Asian heritage and have finally delved into it in the recent years. I grew up completely Americanized and decided to become a model to help promote my own self growth because of being bullied all through out school.
I am extremely independent and work as a part time manager at a clothing store in Blaine, MN. I work day and night to be successful and a wonderful role model to my siblings and to show everyone that there will always be someone who cares and that they can do whatever they put their minds to like I have. I love all of my fans on every social networking site that I am on and love to give back to them by communicating constantly and fulfilling many of their requests of me.
I do this for the love and the people I have met and I am loving every second of it.