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Putri Cinta

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You can see me live with my Asian friends on my website at

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I'm Putri Cinta, a young model from Bali, Indonesia. "Putri" means "Princess" and "Cinta" translates as "Love". I think my parents gave me a wonderful name!

I was born in a small village in Indonesia, but moved to Bali just a couple years ago. It’s an amazing place to live with wonderful people and nature, and some of the best beaches on earth!

My friends would say that I am fun, vivacious, sensual, and sometimes a little crazy… but in a good way! I just like to have exciting new experiences and live my life to the fullest.

I am a full time model, it started as a hobby because I love showing off in front of the camera. And now I have been lucky enough to also make it my job and work with some wonderful photographers, and also great clients like Playboy.

This has given me the chance to travel around the world and I am so excited to continue to see new people and new cultures. Maybe one day I will be able to visit your country too! :)

I also have my own website where I share my exclusive photos and videos, live streams, direct chats, and exclusive interviews. Plus every week I release an exclusive set of sensual photos and videos for my fans.. sometimes it's just me and sometimes I invite one of my girlfriends along for the fun!


Beaches, writing, modeling, good food, travel, sex! :)