Welcome to the All New Asian Sirens!

Regular Asian Sirens readers will probably have noticed that I’ve been unusually quiet in the comments of late. That’s because I’ve been working day and night on a massive upgrade to the site, which I felt was long overdue. Initially, I just wanted to get it on more up-to-date software (the CMS ThaNirz launched our blog on eight years ago was abandoned even then), but as I came to grips with the upgrade, I really thought through the way both our readers and content producers interact with us. The result is a complete overhaul of the site, to capitalise on the strengths it already had, and address its weaknesses in the wake of the social web revolution.

One of the things I’m most proud of at Asian Sirens is the great community we’ve established here (our comments are infinitely more civil and intelligent than you’ll find on virtually any other adult site), so I really wanted to expand on that. As such, I’ve added a new social layer to the site, kind of like a mini-Facebook. Members can now ‘friend’ and and ‘follow’ each other, just like on Facebook. You can upload and edit your own avatars, and post various information about yourself (web site, blog, social networking sites, IM/chat, biographical info etc.). You can ‘favorite’ any posts on the site, including individual comments, and even upload your own photo album.

I’ve also paid careful attention to privacy considerations. You can decide your own privacy levels for your member profile, on-site messages and individually for photos you upload, all the way from completely public to completely private (except that the admin can view everything, of course). You can also decide if you want to allow other members to comment on your photos, plus you can set your own preferences for email notifications (there’s also live notifications on site when you are logged in).

I haven’t forgotten about the core blog features either—indeed, this is now more feature rich and user friendly than ever before. Users can now quote from and reply to other users’ comments, and edit them for up to five minutes after posting them. There are also convenient and easy to use styling buttons, including the ability to add properly formatted text links and embed images. You can also subscribe to the comments from any post by email (as well as RSS). I’ve also added pages for users to post ID requests and submit post suggestions, and even submit posts yourself!

Which brings me to the features I’ve added for content producers. In addition to the aforementioned ability to submit your own post, content producers who post photo albums can optionally become a featured member profile. It is also now possible for you to post announcements—this is kind of like our own built-in Twitter, but with far more flexible and powerful formatting. Members can favorite and comment on announcements too. The last five announcements will also be featured at the end of every page on the site (scroll to the bottom of the page for more information).

It’s actually possible for me to add even more features to the site in future (such as groups and forums), but for now at least, I wanted to keep the site focused on what it’s really all about: beautiful Asian women. As such, I’ve tried to implement all the new features in such a way as to not make the site unfocused or difficult to use—to this end, I’ve given the site a very clean and simple design as well. Also, people who don’t want to use any of the new features don’t have to—you can still just use it as a blog if you want to (or use the new features selectively), and you don’t even need to register to post blog comments now. The site is now more mobile friendly as well, with a special mobile theme (plus the standard design is already iPad friendly too).


  1. Avatar of Guest Poster

    So who will be the first to comment (apart from me of course)?

  2. Avatar of fungusfarm

    Wow! Awesome site! I think I might be the first to comment! wooo hoo!
    There’s already Asian Sirens to admire!
    Awesome! Thank you for your hard work for our entertainment!

  3. Avatar of French

    Nice job, Doc! There are a lot of new and good things here. I am looking forward to seeing more Sirens, reading the commentary, and learning from others. Cheers!

  4. Avatar of ......

    Great job on the new site! and nobody took my username!!!

  5. Avatar of SamuraiLore

    Can’t wait to see your first siren on the new site!

  6. Avatar of arf

    Shew! My username wasn’t hijacked. Can’t wait to start exploring the new and obviously improved Asian-Sirens.

  7. Avatar of smellykev

    hey. smellykev signing on. Formally “kroos”. I figured a new format deserved a new username.

    I have a feeling i’m gonna have Asian Siren over-load tonight…..

  8. Avatar of JGWP

    Fantastic job. Beautifully done as all your entries on the old site were, and still are. No finer way to feature Asian women then here. Congratulations and Good Luck.

  9. Avatar of wylde8

    Looks like I beat the rush to get this username. The new site looks fantastic. Can’t wait to start using Asian Sirens 2.0.

  10. Avatar of Candyman

    I’m glad to see Asian Sirens change to a more modern platform for the site. I’m sure it was a huge undertaking. Great job.

  11. Avatar of egg

    Awesome new site! Worth waiting for…and I really like that there are even Sirens waiting when we get here… Thanks so much for the hard work!

  12. Avatar of Luke

    Fantastic, looks awesome. Thanks for the help Doc I realize now I didn’t check the junk mail folder.

  13. Avatar of Guest Poster

    Yep, I’m seeing a lot of people with gmail and hotmail accounts in the unverified user list—if you haven’t received your verification email, check your spam folder!

  14. Avatar of longtack

    Hey all.. nice to see many familiar nics here. Except smellykev might like to think about reverting to kroos – in the interest of public decency lol.

    Nice site Doc. Congratulations! Must have been a huge learning curve to get all the features right. It reminds me of the new ABC RN site – cleaner lines, and more features. And the girls seem to look sexier too! That’s always a plus!

    Finally, I groaned when my AV blocked my access. After a few tries however, I managed to convince it that AS was safe and I am pleased to be able to re-register with my old nickname.

  15. Avatar of STRIPES

    STRIPES…in tha’ house y’all! Now this party gets ta’ poppin’. Quick check in.I’ll bookmark & be back to later to ogle , appreciate & critique.

  16. Avatar of madkow

    Thank you for the great update.
    I’ve checking the site for a ew years now.
    And everytime I still get to be amazed.
    Offcourse because of all the beautifull models, but also by the way you find new girls and websites with them.

    Thank you

  17. Avatar of The-Dean

    Looks good so far, Doc. Well done. I will have to catch up on the posts and comments later today or tomorrow.

    Just wanted to stop by, create my account and announce:

    Bigfootdean is now: The-Dean

  18. Avatar of Cantopop

    Congrats…looking forward to many titillating pages of gorgeous eye candy of the Ornamental persuasion…

  19. Avatar of Luke


    Oriental even.

  20. Avatar of arf

    I think I’m gonna miss Bigfoot. Good idea though…should have went with The-Arf.

  21. wingsfan19’s avatar

    I haven’t tried all the new features yet, but i really like what I’ve seen so far. )Except that there haven’t been any nudes) :-(


  22. Avatar of Niners

    This new look is fabulous. Bravo Dr. Lee.

  23. Avatar of arf

    Hey look…it’s Niners in the Hizouse!!!

  24. Avatar of daznlover

    Good work, Doc!
    Wordpress is a lot more powerful.
    Please don’t put in a lot of stuff like forums and the likes. People don’t have ilimited time and too many choices leads you into not doing much. The blog is fine as it is and discussions can take place here.

    I’m glad to see that you’ve kept most of the structure. And I really like the last 5 comments, on the left column. They’re one of my all time favorite features.

    Thanks for not stealing my name, guys :-P
    It will be nice to follow some of you. Arf will be the first!


  25. Avatar of Guest Poster

    Yep, I really wanted to keep the site focused on what it’s actually about, and simple to use—if people don’t want to use any of the new features, they can just ignore them without it compromising the user experience. I think it will be content producers who use the new features the most, and as the site grows, I think many will really appreciate the features to curate the content to their personal preferences. Plus off-topic discussions can now be done privately. I will only add new features if there is a demand or perceived need for them—after all, any new features potentially means new bugs (the present features required a lot of testing and refinement), and I don’t want to do any unnecessary work. ;-)

  26. Avatar of Luke

    I think I’ve updated my profile correctly, where does the location show?

  27. Avatar of Guest Poster


    It shows up in your profile page with everything else—in your case here. I took the opportunity to fix your links when I checked your profile too. :-)

  28. Avatar of Luke

    Dr. Lee,

    Thanks Doc, my talent with a computer is fairly limited I’m afraid.

  29. Avatar of Bourbaki

    Great job doc, will keep visiting every week!

  30. Avatar of renzop

    nice board Lee, hope it will develop well.