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    Our personal Indonesian preferences are those bronzed Bali babes, but Amelya is tempting.

    !–more–It looks like besides modeling, Amelya is also a pageant girl. We see her on some YouTube channel called […]

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    When we saw the name Misaki we flashed Japanese.

    !–more–But no, this British Chinese marketing grad describes yourself as an “introverted naughty Chinese girl”. From one of the videos we’ve seen and some […]

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    Something of a natural progression.

    !–more–Seoul.Music alerted us to Satomi.

    Satomi aka Kiho Kanematsu started off with a brief stint in a J-pop group called AKB48 back in 2007. In 2010 she had a small […]

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    We give this siren three thumbs up.

    !–more–She’s biiw_waris (born 1998) on Instagram, MC Laren on Facebook and warisarabew on Tiktok, but hot no matter which moniker she uses. Working at some retail […]

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    luca9010 asked for a bit of Khim.

    !–more–So let it be written, so let it be done.

    It looks like this siren, transplanted from South Korea and now living in Hawaii is big into gaming, and was […]

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    I was looking up the word ‘lithe’ in my dictionary, and all they had was a photo of Kuromelo.

    !–more–I love my dictionary.

    Kuromelo (or Kuromeru from the Japanese 黒メル) lists herself as an artist and (od […]

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    OMG is a cheerleader for Choi.

    !–more–Choi (born 1998/12/8) is a Korean cutie whose claim to fame is being a well-known cheerleader. We believe she was noticed around 2019 jumping around for the Samsung […]

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    Seoul.Music spotted the work of Perry.X.

    !–more–A bit mysterious since there wasn’t much to be found on the artist. S.M suspects he may be a Chinese fellow and that’s probably a good guess. He’s quite […]

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    The big bad Wolf.

    !–more–Anyone else want to huff and puff and blow Jess?

    We were surprised at how many other Jess or Jessica Wolfs there are out there. We will skip over commenting on the ink. As […]

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    Tbone asked us to take a look at lebaby0v0.

    !–more–A gamer (you can find her on Twitch), she’s also into cosplay and has a presence on numerous media platforms. Tb and Seoul.Music both believe she’s from […]

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    OMG thought we should take a look at Jang.

    !–more–Quite attractive, despite the ink, we weren’t able to find too much on Jang (born 2000/11/25). When we searched we found AI connected to her name which […]

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    Tucky is in rare air.

    !–more–Seen for the first time just last year, she’s already on the cusp of admittance to the HH. Not breathtakingly beautiful (in our respectful opinion), she is, however, extremely […]

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    Samantha is a writer and foodie.

    !–more–Born in the Philippines 27 years ago, it looks like she’s LA-based now. She also does hosting and speaking engagements but it looks like she leans heavily into the […]

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    Seoul.Music put us on the trail of Lu.

    !–more–Unfortunately, besides the fact that we used up our 10 clicks rather quickly, it seems like about 80% of her photos have been ‘personalized’. Lu, who lists […]

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    Some girls have hooters, some are Hooters girls, then there’s Jia.

    !–more–That line will make sense when you get to the photos. See if you can spot the owl.

    Jia is a Korean model with a fair number of s […]

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    No jokes please.

    !–more–Lisa, at the advanced age of 26, just graduated last year with a degree in criminology. With nothing else to go on, we surmise she’s American or at the very least fully […]

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    Another who used up her 10 clicks.

    !–more–That being the case here are the observations. Rena is cute and doesn’t need as much makeup as she uses. She has a lovely chest. A lot of personality comes […]

  • Romanticwarrior wrote a new post, Alice Mido 2 weeks ago · 


    Yes, yes we know, not another creamy white, red haired Siberian mix.

    !–more–Forgive us but we felt compelled to feature Alice.

    Born in Siberia, we’re informed that her ethnicity is “mixed […]

  • Romanticwarrior wrote a new post, Mook Pichana 2 weeks ago · 


    We revisit Mook.

    !–more–We first saw Mook in January 2019.

    Full name Mook Pichana Yoosuk. A model and actress living in Bangkok, she’s apparently gone on a reinvention kick and her attention to her abs […]

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    Shane! Come back!

    !–more–We guess you have to be of a certain age or at least a cinema aficionado to get that.

    Born in the Philippines, Shane (real name Shanneth, born 1990/10/7) is a model with a […]