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    It’s actually tough to find a picture of Lalita with much on.

    As a model she was limited in output, but it was more than made up for with her beauty.  Despite this, below you will find the extensive […]

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    Minori is another knockout Japanese gravure Idol.

    !–more–She made an appearance in 2017 in the forum courtesy of MIA poster ferreterobat. Formerly known as Rino Inudo, Minorin, Minori and Wan-chan, she’s […]

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    I believe she sometimes goes by Melody Le.

    !–more–Or did anyway. These days, being recently married, it’s usually Melody Tuyết-Mai de la Fe.

    Apparently doing work both in front of and behind the […]

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    Mocha is a singer, dancer and a bit of a controversial blogger.!–more–

    Esther Margaux ‘Mocha’ Justiniano Uson has a bachelors degree in medical technology, and studied medicine for a couple of years […]

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    I think the term ‘unconventional beauty’ might work here.

    !–more–Whatever her real name is, qoomom920 (1989/11/14) will probably elicit different responses from the brethren. From the “not my cup of tea” […]

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    We have heard your plaintive cries.

    !–more–”We want tats!, We want tats! We want tats on enhancements! We want huge chest tats! We want huge back tats! We want sleeves! We want writing tatted on legs! And […]

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    Nao made an appearance, courtesy of badboy, under a ‘Model Identified’ post on the old AS site back in August 2005.

    !–more–She only got one photo back in the Golden Age, so we decided to give her a better […]

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    Sadie is a French/Samoan mix.

    !–more–I think she may still be a student, and it looks like she resides on the island. Modeling may be something she does on the side when not matriculating. She’s […]

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    Bella is a Chinese and Irish/German mix.

    !–more–Living in Melbourne, Bella lists actor, extra, model, influencer, fashion stylist and TV presenter/radio presenter in her resume. I assume she can also fix […]

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    Mira is a makeup artist and model.

    !–more–Born in India (1999/1/17), Mira lives in North Carolina. In addition to modeling for well-known brands like Forever 21, she’s also appeared in Maxim where a fair […]

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    Joon is/was a Thai nude model.

    !–more–Joon is listed as an 18-year-old and still active. I take it on good faith that she was at least 18 at the time the photos were taken, as they are most assuredly not […]

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    Chanida is a pretty sharp looking girl.

    !–more–A mix of Thai and Swede, Chanida is an eyelash specialist and a certified French stylist with her own business. Let all ye brethren remember that if you’re […]

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    Filipina siren Mecha can rock a savage tan.

    !–more–Mecha is an electronics and communications engineer in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines, who is a hair and makeup artist on the side. The world […]

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    Can all that be real?

    !–more–I mean aside from some of the more absurd Photoshopping. I personally think it might be a bit too much for me, but I’m sure we have members of the brethren who will be all for […]

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    I’ll tell you what’s a bummer.

    !–more–It’s getting part way through collecting photos and having the subject’s Instagram go down and having to use one of the ersatz viewers. Just to let the brethren know, […]

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    Adele is a full time model and fashion/travel influencer.

    !–more–She also owns a guest house in Marrakesh, so I guess all that influencing is paying off.

    Born 1993/6/3, I saw her on a girls of mixed […]

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    Nonami was a former gravure idol.

    !–more–No need to point out her two main attributes, they do that all by themselves.

    Nonami was also an actress and singer. Having started out 2003, she was most […]

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    Say hello to Pui Yi.

    !–more–You saw that name and the first thing that popped in your head was the last Emperor of China? Well, seeing her full name you guessed by now this isn’t the last Emperor. This […]

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    This is the work of Kim Freeban.

    !–more–Nice work if you can get it.

    This Ozzie is from Adelaide and, like most of the photographers we feature, is damn lucky in his chosen profession. Imagine it’s […]

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    I know what you’re thinking. “Hey! This isn’t the South Korean TV Presenter, Radio Host, and former news anchor!”

    !–more–There are a lot of Moons in our orbit but no, it’s not. This Moon is a national […]

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    Celie goes by mspetiteone on Instagram.

    !–more–She looks like she’s short of stature, but I wouldn’t use ‘petite’ to describe the rest of her. The lady has some serious curves. Her full name is, I […]

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    Monica has great set of dimples.

    !–more–The rest of her aint bad either.

    I personally think she made some bad decisions with the ink, but it goes with the territory these days. What are ya gonna do? Me […]

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    Fujiko is a ‘skinnypetite’ model.

    !–more–That’s a pretty apt description.

    A freelance model, Fujiko (AKA Fujiko Narvas) seems to be doing alright for herself. There are photos of her in locales […]

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    The quite attractive Kanticha Chumma.

    !–more–Kanticha Chumma AKA Ticha won the TV modeling competition The Face Thailand season 2  back in 2015. Born in Thailand she moved to Sweden at the age of 7 and […]

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    Jolene was a request by IeatCows.

    !–more–Jolene, a Chamorro/Filipina mix, is an Instagram star from Guam, and the question has been posed is she The World’s Hottest Mom? Well, she’s 43 and pretty damn […]

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    Ellyn was just a girl I noticed while doing an image search.

    !–more–There was no real information available. I’m thinking Thai or possibly Filipina as far as ethnicity goes. These days when I’m just […]

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    I wasn’t able to find much on Dinara.

    !–more–There is a Dinara Safina who’s a Russian tennis player, but this ain’t her. This gorgeous woman looks like she could be a Kazakhstani. I put Russian as she has […]

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    Did someone mention Aya in the forum?

    !–more–It seems to me that’s where I heard her name. Actually, I just checked and she was a tbone request. Regrettably she’s pretty new, and so not only was […]

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    As far as background info goes, ‘Kay from Asia’ doesn’t exactly narrow it down.

    !–more–Let’s go with Thai for Miss Kay. I clicked around on some of her Instagram photos hoping for a clue but came up dry. […]

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    As they used to say on the Twilight Zone: ”Submitted for your approval…”. Although, I suspect that Ms. AceZoey315 (if that really is her name) might cause some controversy in the comments.

    !–more–I […]