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    Another siren brought to us by Instagram.

    !–more–This is Choi Byeol-ha, and it was those first two photos that grabbed our attention. We’re a fan of her well done aftermarket work, which she’s put to work […]

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    We generally like our Eurasian sirens.

    !–more–That’s the case with Anna. While very pretty we can’t classify her as a stunner, but we can tell by her face that she has goodness in her heart. And over her […]

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    This post on Tara is a bit of a rarity.

    !–more–Tara was previously featured courtesy of past poster Luke back in March 2018. Now usually it takes something special like, a lack of clothing, to garner a […]

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    Paula is supposed to be pure Japanese.

    !–more–These photos are almost old enough for her to be considered a retro siren—we’ve only seen the same set of photos of this siren as we clicked around, so she […]

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    Lin may be one of our more interesting as sirens in a while.

    !–more–She states “I am a salmon, not tuna”.

    A popular internet celebrity and YouTuber, Lin was named “most beautiful salmon in Taiwan”. It […]

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    We actually went to 11 on this siren.

    !–more–11 clicks that is, when normally the shut off is 10. She’s too cute not to make the effort. Still, all we found is what is on her Instagram—5’3″ (163cm) and […]

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    Did you ever wish you were a plate of spaghetti?

    !–more–Elena has a great smile.The rest isn’t shabby either. This siren who blogs from Shanghai can put on a sultry face or she can break out those pearly […]

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    kimo_010 asked us to take a look at Koyoi.

    !–more–Sometimes when requests are made we don’t get much to go on. Kimo provided us with an almost ready-made post. We quote him below.

    Koyoi Konan is a […]

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    Tbone took a liking to Kwissty.

    !–more–He told us that this social media and Twitch personality didn’t have a huge following, but that she deserved one. We have to agree. This Korean siren, based in […]

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    A warning to those who would forge ahead: if you don’t like models with tattoos, coloured contacts, and dyed hair who smoke too much and might bat for the other team, I would suggest coming back tomorrow, as […]

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    Her looks are just a bonus.

    !–more–Abriani is a model, but before that she scrimped, saved, entered various competitions to try to nab some prize money, wore hand-me-downs and then got a scholarship and […]

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    As happens fairly often these days after thousands of sirens, we could have sworn we’d seen Anna before.

    !–more–We searched back a few years and even looked out for a name change, but apparently we had […]

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    We came up a little short in the Miss Universe Pageant last week.

    !–more–Miss Thailand was the runner-up, and although we personally would have picked her as the winner, Miss Nicaragua was undeniably […]

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    OMG thought e_seoa was worthy.

    !–more–We think he was right.

    We believe she’s also known as BJ Dodo. If you were hoping for something else, the ‘BJ’ stands for broadcast jockey, which is a big thing in […]

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    Time for little Central Asian mix.

    !–more–Dunya is a German/Afghani siren who got her modeling career rolling at age 18 in Berlin. Her central Asian stock is fairly apparent in most of her photos we […]

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    Yuko was suggested to us by Seoul.Music.

    !–more–Yuko is, as S.M described her, a blue haired Korean living in Japan. We find her quite attractive even with the blue hair, and think her other enhancements […]

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    We weren’t too sure about this one.

    !–more–Tbone pointed us toward this Vietnamese/Canadian blogger. Right off the bat her photos looked odd. Nothing that appears too candid or outside and nothing with […]

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    Seoul.Music requested Liu.

    !–more–Liu is thought to be China’s first supermodel. In 2005, she entered the New Silk Road World Model contest in Hunan, primarily because the first prize was a new laptop, […]

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    A suggestion by Dr. Lee, Otyken sounds a bit like Bjork if she was from Siberia.

    !–more–Otyken is a group that plays Siberian indigenous music mixing local folk with modern pop on mainly traditional […]

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    Sam I am.

    !–more–Would you like to grab a bass? Would you like to grab that ass? No, I do not want that bass. Yes, I want to grab that ass!

    Samantha graduated college a year or two ago. She’s an […]