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    Poonam is an Indian glamour model, film actress and erotic artist.

    !–more–Those are the best type of artists.

    Poonam started her career as a model but her celebrity status really took off when she […]

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    This is Doris.

    !–more–Do any of you chaps ever see one of our sirens and think: “This is the one. This is my soulmate. We are meant to be as one.” No? Sometimes? Now, do you ever see one of our sirens and […]

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    Pimmy, a bikini/lingerie/fashion model in Bangkok, will appeal to some and not others.

    !–more–I myself much prefer this type girl over the ones that are plasticized with aquiline noses that seem out of […]

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    Mila is a Colombian-Japanese mix.

    !–more–I read an interview with her but it really didn’t provide much biographical information. Mila is 26 years old and speaks Spanish, English and Portuguese. That was […]

  • Romanticwarrior wrote a new post, Li Na 4 days ago


    Li, our latest litu addition.

    !–more–Li has a strong face, not unattractive, and a great body. Most of the photos presented here are minimalist and that’s fine. All attention should be on her body anyway […]

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    Vienna Doll is a Tbone request.

    !–more–He caught her on YouTube and at first thought she was Japanese because she was speaking the language, but it turns out she’s Thai. Her name is Tanchanok Siuchin and […]

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    Yurisa lives in LA but was born in Kyoto, Japan.

    !–more–She’s a Japanese/Colombian mix. As is often the case, we can see what genes went where.

    Yurisa is another dancer/model associated with […]

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    Sometimes Sue goes by Sue Kangaroo.

    !–more–I’m sure some of the brethren are thinking of the word ‘pouch’ right now. Sue blogs a bit, splitting time between Oahu and Sydney, where she grew up in a leafy […]

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    Time for another stroll down the Black Alley.

    !–more–Florence is another Black Alley girl with a nice bod. It looks like there’s been some filtering done on her face, or some heavy duty pancake which […]

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    Meet the lovely Tania Ayu.

    !–more–Tania Ayu Siregar (born 1994/1/31) is an Indonesian fashion model who moved into DJing before the rigors of touring caused her to bail and devote her time to acting. […]

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    The Eyes have it.

    !–more–Born in Japan, Eyes (Eyes Zanines Rodgers) is a Japanese/Guyanese mix and has lived in Amsterdam since she was 11, but has her sights on ending up back in Japan with a successful […]

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    This is Sandy Tsou.!–more–

    Sandy, 24, influences from Los Angeles. ‘Full Taiwanese’, Sandy has lived out in California almost all of her life. Modeling seems to be something she does on the side just for […]

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    Miyu is an AV Idol who’s been around since 2016.

    !–more–With numerous aliases in just those four years, Miyu (AKA. MII, Miyû, Miyu Saitoh, Miyu Saitou, Miyuh, Miyuu, Sayuri) ranks near the middle of the […]

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    grace823_ doesn’t give up much info.

    !–more–She’s sometimes referred to as ‘grapefruit girl’. Could that be in regards to a certain part of her body?

    Grace does the usual modeling stuff and appears in […]

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    Claudia’s background is unknown.

    !–more–But she’s hot! I checked her Instagram before posting and it’s now gone private and her Facebook page hasn’t seen activity since 2017 and is decidedly on the weak […]

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    I made a joke to RomanticWarrior that I was going to go trawl some Uyghur image boards…

    !–more–By an off chance the next search I ran, I happened upon the lovely Ms Bextiyar.

    Now despite the image […]

  • egg wrote a new post, Rita Akira 2 weeks ago


    AKA Slevie, Stevie, Marjory B, Black Asia and Jasmine, Rita is a porn actress with a listed birthplace of Ukraine. However everywhere I look I see her tagged as being from Kazakhstan.

    !–more–Maybe only […]

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    Her real name didn’t come up in a few pages of looking so we’ll stick with oneandonlyangel06.

    !–more–Almost certainly Filipina, she’s been modeling for about five years and is a brand ambassador. […]

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    Meet Stephanie.

    !–more–Stephanie Hikaru Perry (born 2000/5/24) is a mix of Japanese and African-American (one site said ‘Caribbean’—maybe Afro-Caribbean would be closer to it). I believe she represented […]

  • Romanticwarrior wrote a new post, Jun Yi 2 weeks ago


    I wanna be a cowboy.

    !–more–And Jun can be my cowgirl. Yeehah!

    Jun is a litu girl, so there’s not much to tell. She’s cute but again doesn’t quite reach the upper echelon of those type of models. Maybe […]

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    I like Bella.

    !–more–Unfortunately, she plays for both teams and I prefer not to deal with added competition myself. Hailing from Bangkok, she’s pursuing her modeling career there. She also sells herbal […]

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    This is Midori.

    !–more–Midori’s full name is Midori Grabowski. She’s of Japanese, Czech and Spanish background. She grew up in the Midwest of the US and went to school at Northern Illinois University. […]

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    This is the very healthy Miss Kris.

    !–more–Kris (born 1998/1/18) has attracted more than 153,000 followers on her eponymous YouTube channel, which she started about three years ago. She dispenses advice […]

  • Romanticwarrior wrote a new post, Lina 3 weeks ago


    Lina (Angelina) does modeling…and other stuff in Dallas, Texas.

    !–more–She also goes by Dracuina and has cultivated a particular look. She’s listed as Laotian/Panamanian/Portuguese/Vietnamese. The Asian […]

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    Emily Mae… or may not.

    !–more–That was kind of a play on her last name. Anyway, Emily is a cheerleader for the Golden Knights of the NHL, and works at Wet Republic, a day club at the MGM grand in Las […]

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    Lanae gives us nothing other than she’s a mix of Filipina, Dominican and Jamaican.

    !–more–Normally such a lack of information would put our Miss Brooks into the purgatory line before any consideration of […]

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    A fajita is meaty and delicious. So is Fujita.

    !–more–Momo, AKA Aya Momosaki, is a gravure idol and a request by Tbone.

    Now. Mr. bone thinks her face is okay/cute but that her body is what grabs his […]

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    Emmily is, I believe, primarily a lingerie and bikini model.

    !–more–Indonesian Emmily is a good-looking woman but I have to admit those Bali girls set a pretty high bar. She’s certainly attractive, but […]

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    What’s not to like?

    !–more–Emi is a certified personal trainer who struts her stuff on YouTube and does some vlogging as well. She was born in Canada and raised in Hong Kong. Emi says getting fired was […]

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    Mathilde, born in France, is a mix of French and Persian.

    !–more–Her Instagram is her only social media, and for some reason she provides few straight on shots of her face. I don’t know why that is […]