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    That’s a whole lot of mother nature.

    !–more–Taiwanese Maimai is an attractive woman with some valuable assets. I don’t see much info on her as I post this (I’ll try and take a deeper look), other than […]

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    Ami Inamura as requested by Tbone.

    !–more–Ami *born 1996/1/13) is a tarento (television celebrity) and sportscaster, and has done some gravure work as well. She played baseball from elementary school […]

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    Bianca slips in for consideration as a Western Asian siren.

    !–more–By Western Asian we mean Persia. By Persia we mean Iran. Enough of the geography lesson.

    Bianca suffers from type II diabetes, which […]

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    Tbone asked for little something on Shihomi.

    !–more–A few of her pictures have appeared in the forum, but T thought she was worthy of a post of her own. We think he’s right. A quite attractive young […]

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    Something about Nikki screams SEX!

    !–more–Maybe it was just me looking at her photos.

    Nikki is half Filipino, half Mexican and full sex bomb. A graduate with a degree in graphic design, Nikki seems to […]

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    Manyo is a fashion model and blogger from Seoul.

    !–more–She may also push cosmetics but I can’t be sure as my Korean is a tad on the rusty side. I kind of go back and forth on these Korean models—just […]

  • Romanticwarrior wrote a new post, toiitoi 6 days ago


    Out of the ordinary for us, toiitoi is a mix of Thai and Cape Verdean.

    !–more–Her mother is the Thai in the equation. toiitoi’s Instagram was the only social presence I found. She’s a US girl possibly […]

  • Romanticwarrior wrote a new post, Eno Liu 1 week ago


    There’s something about Eno we like.

    !–more–Of course she’s attractive, though not as attractive as some of our sirens. Of course she has a nice body, but we have sirens with incredible bodies. Some of […]

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    I’ll give you the bare-bones on Tone.

    !–more–It’s the bare-bones because I didn’t feel like going through all the translations. A beautiful Indonesian, Tone was married to a Norwegian and apparently is […]

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    ‘Newwy’ is an FHM model.

    !–more– I think she does some sponsorship stuff now, like being a mascot for a gym in Thailand. The photos show newwy does like to work out. She also likes to rock a savage tan, […]

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    I guess we can call her Miss Goo.

    !–more–I’m not even sure if that’s actually her name, or if she just assumed it. There’s a place with the same name in Ulaanbaatar (I think it’s a jewelry store)

    There […]

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    Well, we gave it the old college try.

    !–more–For little while anyway.

    I’m not sure from where I nicked these pics. I poked around for a while for info but didn’t find anything besides the odd photo. It […]

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    I’m cuckoo for Coco.

    !–more–I don’t know anything about Coco, other than she’s an MMA ring girl, and when she’s not doing that she performs in burlesque shows, and when she’s not doing that she’s […]

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    Ling is a model who has her finger in a few other pies.

    !–more–Living in New York since 2012, Ling, in addition to modeling, is into dance, travel, makeup and fairly recently, real estate. An attractive […]

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    I think we’re all thinking the same thing

    !–more–And that is, “this girl is very cute”. I have a feeling some of you might be thinking something else. What a bunch of dirty guys.

    Issy is apparently […]

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    If I had to pick an ethnicity for Anita Jane, I think I would have gone with Indian.

    !–more–And indeed on at least one site that’s how she’s listed. However, the site I initially found her on has her born […]

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    This Thai beauty knows how to tease.

    !–more–She’s that close to showing us the goods but makes us suffer. There certainly must be some nudes floating around out there.

    Preaw is a […]

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    Her earlobes are real!

    !–more–I kid. Of course they’re real. Everything is real. Wherever it was made.

    Generally the way the Taiwanese, Chinese and Korean models use their filters make their photos […]

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    Danna comes to us from San Diego, California.

    !–more–She’s quite a cute girl with a lovely smile. She’s probably a model in the way so many young women these days are ‘Instagram models’. Anybody can take […]

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    Although I’m not big on whatever it is these Chinese models do to their faces, there’s something about xiaotunshen I like.

    !–more–It probably has to do with her big Chinese breasts, with an accompaniment […]

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    I have Clara down as Thai.

    !–more–But for some reason on her Instagram,, which has since gone private, she has “stay as you are” in Armenian. I have no idea what that’s about, and since nothing popped up […]

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    This is Giddel ‘GBaby’ Lynn.

    !–more–I have a sneaking suspicion she will appeal to some of the brethren and not others. GBbaby is a traveling stylist/makeup artist. As you can see, she not only likes to […]

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    Recent birthday girl Elisha (21) found herself becoming an influencer by accident.

    !–more–A high school friend asked her if she would model for a couple of shoots to help them build up his portfolio. She […]

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    Felicia is an award-winning cosplayer and Dominatrix.

    !–more–I didn’t even know they had awards for being a Dominatrix. Maybe it was just for being a cosplayer. I’d be too afraid to ask.

    Felicia is a […]

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    Momoko seems to be nibbling on the edges of starletdom.

    !–more–A few movies here, a few drama series there, DVD photo books… Momoko might be running out of time to hit it really big. She actually has made […]

  • Romanticwarrior wrote a new post, nxshaya 3 weeks ago


    I had entertained model/style influencer/makeup artist nxshaya as a possible candidate in the past.

    !–more–The first few photos I saw of her I thought she was a shoo-in for an invitation for […]

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    Sab is a siren with a different look.

    !–more–She’s a social media celebrity famous for her Instagram, where she’s gained popularity for her selfies and fashion sense. She must be pretty sharp, because she […]

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    Ana has over half a million followers on Instagram.

    !–more–We think ANACHI, or more properly Anna Chi (or Xiao), is quite attractive and a lot of people agree.

    They must be following her for her […]

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    It seems the Instagramfor Toronto’s Viietdoll has gone bye-bye.

    !–more–Had a link to her on badbutterfly.com, but that’s gone too. It’s a conspiracy to me. Well there’s plenty of pictures via Google image […]

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    Erin is a survivor.

    !–more–There wasn’t too much information to be had onErin other than what’s on her Instagram page. She’s a mix of Filipina and Irish and lives in Hawaii, does yoga and jujitsu and is a […]