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SexyMandarin is an online Chinese Language school that believes education should be fun, not structured block learning. The company believes that the key to educating is through the combination of informing whilst entertaining, and on the same note still making time for play. SexyMandarin is committed to the success, education and entertainment of their passionate students.

SexyMandarin is the conception of Kaoru Kikuchi, who had the fun idea of filming beautiful Chinese women that could teach Mandarin in short two minute videos. Upon film completion and post addition of cartoon character mentor Mr Fung, the SexyMandarin team took the necessary steps to post the first video lesson “What time is it?” It immediately became a viral sensation, with two additional versions being made in both German and Japanese.

SexyMandarin has experienced incredible word of mouth, with buzz generating explosive press hype. The website has been featured by such media vehicles as The Telegraph, The Huffington Post, and even Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. The SexyMandarin YouTube channel Mandarin Learner, to date, remains a highly visited site with over 2 million views and counting.

Program creators opted against the traditional textbook method of teaching; due to the overwhelming nature of traditionally written Chinese characters at first glance, a student’s progression and interest in the language can be endangered. The company believes that in order to master the Chinese language, it is essential to focus on tones. SexyMandarin have focused their syllabus with emphasis on tones and vocabularies; not from conventional texts, but rather integrate ones that are commonly used in today’s Chinese spoken language. Combined with video lessons starring sexy women and virtual classroom settings, the company is crossing boundaries, raising the bar and setting tongues a wagging with its unconventional risqué teaching methods.