It is with great pleasure that I have the job of introducing you all to Tilley, and welcoming her formally to the AS board.

The perceptive amongst you may have noticed Tilley’s profile pop up in the Featured Profiles on the top left of the page. From a Cambodian/caucasian American background, Tilley is a member of the Suicide Girls, who have had a few girls featured before—here, here and here for example.

Tilley has a really diverse range of work from the extreme of the alt-model scene to a more conventional, even geeky look. The hard working Tilley describes herself as a bit of a homebody and she lists Adventure Time as one of her favourite TV shows (which shows great taste IMHO). Although growing up “totally Americanized”, Tilley is proud of her heritage and to have modelled for Khmerican, a site that highlights issues from a Cambodian perspective and is well worth checking out. Even better she likes interacting with her fans via her website and social media pages, and hopefully here too. ;) She is really sweet and has a great sense of fun, so feel free to ask her some questions. Thanks to Suicide Girls for the info!

Height: 5’3″
Weight: 101lbs
Body type: athletic
Relationship status: exclusive (sorry guys!)
Booze: I am a complete drunkard
Sex: if we get into a relationship
Weed: I’m a total stoner
Cigarettes: I’m giving up
Diet: omnivore
Politics: who cares?
Kink factor: talk dirty to me…

Suicide Girls
Khmerican | Facebook

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  1. ThorZien’s avatar

    The fourth photo down is probably the best – Tilley looks great in that photo. The rest of the photo’s are meh…

  2. gunnar’s avatar

    i like the last photos, the ones above not so much. Tilley can we have more sexy poses please? ;)

  3. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Did everyone get up on the wrong side of the bed today? I think she’s hot: she has a really nice body, a cute and pretty face, plus she has this great “geeky girl next door” thing going on, while being pretty wild and adventurous at the same time. A lot more interesting than the average model.

  4. Avatar of Luke

    I’m biased too, Tilley looks a lot like someone I used to know and she was really nice to deal with when I was getting the post together. I am a fan of the ‘geeky’ look too, and her tatts are not extreme like some SG girls.

    @Gunnar there are a lot more sexy pics on her SG page :D I was going to ask for an ‘I love Asian Sirens’ sign or better ‘Luke Rocks my world!’ but I wanted to bring her to you all ASAP

  5. Avatar of arf

    I think this girl looks pretty cool…maybe easy to hang out with and have fun. And she’s pretty hot and sexy which is an added bonus. I love her legs.

  6. Avatar of smellykev

    oh my, love the glasses, not the green hair. although I admit to being curious if the pubes match in that shot…. anyway apart from the green hair and tatts i find this lady very sexy. I’m with Luke And Doc here.. i love the “geeky” look too.

    I think I’d have to insist she wore her glasses every time we made love. Then again, I’d have a better chance with her if she wasn’t wearing her glasses :-(

  7. Avatar of LoveAsianWomen

    I’m siding with ThorZien on this one.

  8. Avatar of taipan

    Well, I must have gotten up on the right side of the bed this morning as I reckon she’s just fine. This “alternative” model exudes loads of character compared to the mainstream ones. I think most of the photos featured here don’t do her natural beauty justice, but she would positively shine in the hands of a more skilled photographer. She gives lots to work with.

  9. Avatar of wylde8

    She’s got what it takes to get my attention. She’s not your typical model, but still does what she does very well.

  10. Avatar of fungusfarm

    Welcome, Tilley!
    Cute face! Great tits! Tight little body! Lovely smile!
    Not a fan of the colored hair or tats though.

  11. MaJieMao’s avatar

    She is a cute girl next door, I was a bit scared when I saw Suicide Girls, I thought tattoos all over were on the way. The first group of photos had none which I was shocked, but then I saw the two…..Ok my first question what the heck are those tattoos?

    Either way welcome aboard, hope you get those tats removed and I think your quite cute.

  12. Bill’s avatar

    First picture I thought Lily Thai initially. Tilly is a great looking woman. Not a fan of the picture with the green hair, but the other pictures are great.

  13. gunnar’s avatar

    Doc, Luke: i didn’t say she was bad, i said i didn’t like some of the pics, that’s different ;)

  14. Avatar of meh1001


    Q: I went threw all your pictures. I noticed you never seem to actually show your vagina up close. is there a reason for that? Shy? If not you should!

    A: Just shy is all but the newest set I’m putting up for SG will have my vagina shots if I can ever get it up! Lol

    Oh my lord!


  15. Avatar of smellykev


    If she has a vagina that she needs to “get up”, i think i’ll give her a miss…..

  16. Avatar of ssn

    A Minnesota girl…very nice! Second to last one is the best shot.

  17. Avatar of Bourbaki

    You must check her striptease video called “Under the Sheet” in her SG page…very hot

  18. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Hey Luke, you might want to add a few of her fully nude pics to this article—I’ve already updated the subcategory to fully nude.

  19. Avatar of Luke

    These are as nude as I can find :(
    I don’t know if there are nuder ones if I had a membership to Suicide Girls, or if we just need to wait for the next set?

  20. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Check out the subtle link in meh1001′s post. :-)

  21. Avatar of HammockGuru

    As a 20 year resident here in The Kingdom, I have developed an appreciation for Khmer women that places them at the top of my list…I like everything I see…except…well…maybe even including the tats.

  22. Avatar of ......

    Super cute girl. I prefer the more standard look as opposed to the dyed hair or more alt type of thing.

  23. Avatar of wingsfan19

    She looks a little too much like my daughter for me to view or comment on. (Minus the tats and green hair) =-O

  24. Avatar of smellykev


    So Wings, when are you gonna invite me to your house for a BBQ and meet your family?

  25. Avatar of HapaHaole

    Flawless body. *drool*

  26. Avatar of Luke

    Dr. Lee,

    I should have known, he has a god given talent for finding nudes ;)

  27. gunnar’s avatar

    i have been coming back again and again, and i don’t regret it… meh1001 will you give me a training please?

  28. Avatar of meh1001

    Google tip: Different countries portals give different results.

    google.co.jp gives different results from google.co.uk and very different from google.com.hk (which is very censored to appease the Chinese government). Use .co.jp for Japanese or (sometimes) Chinese models (Unsurprisingly some Japanese men have a fetish for Chinese girls). .co.uk for Western models. .com may not be very useful as it redirects to .com.hk for me, which is completely useless. I gather the .com.au portal is also pretty heavily censored.

    Sogou is the best (least censored, most nudity) Chinese search engine. Baidu is a better general search engine though.

    That said, this one was easy peasy :)

    Google.co.uk: Suicide Girls Tilley. Link 9. I didn’t even go past page 1 so there is probably more out there.

  29. Avatar of taipan


    I don’t think the .com.au portal is so censored. We’re pretty laid back here Down Under! :-)
    Tilley’s “Heat Wave” photo set featuring nude shots of her can be readily found.

  30. Tbone’s avatar

    Beautiful girl, lovely face, awesome body, no hair below :)

    Gets Tbone’s 5 star approval!

  31. Malpaso’s avatar

    Tilley…you’re freakin gorgeous. And keep the glasses. Welcome.

  32. Avatar of Luke


    My local pornographer constantly bemoans the Aussie censors as some of the strictest in terms of which magazines they let through. You also can’t subscribe to many US titles like Barely Legal etc. I am pretty sure you can’t sell any Porn magazines post 1980 on eBay here either. That said I thought the internet was OK. I will have to look for more of Tilley’s sets.

  33. Avatar of taipan

    I have to admit it’s been many years since I used to drop by the Adult shops in Kings Cross (Sydney) and Fyshwick (Canberra), noting with some amazement the variety of literature available, and sadly reflecting that back home in God-fearing Queensland, such items were prohibited from sale. I think our Internet access is reasonably unrestricted, (and no doubt monitored by the powers-that-be), although I can’t say I’ve purposely tested the boundaries.

  34. Avatar of wingsfan19


    Like never=-O

  35. Avatar of arf

    Those new nudes added are to die for. Absolutely the hotness. Perfect and with a sexy little hint of a hair line from her belly button to the down below region.

  36. Avatar of smellykev

    wingsfan19 wrote:

    Like never=-O

    :-( I’ll try to keep the drooling to a minimum…..