June 2019

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Looks familiar.

This girl is so fat, her skin looks ready to explode. Maybe she’s pregnant? I don’t think so.

Noa Mizuhara, Mar 25, 1996. She’s a natural girl at 88-59-86cm, E-cup and height 163cm. She’s aka Kisaki Narusawa.

Anna Narumi, Feb 14, 1995. She’s modestly pretty at 88-57-83cm, F-cup and height 156cm.

Natsuka Tomomitsu. She’s sleek and slender at 86-55-84cm, E-cup and a tall 171cm.

Miori Matsumura, Dec 16, 1981. She’s a nimble 87-60-92cm, D-cup and height 160cm. She’s got naturally big eyes…

Mari Takasugi, Feb 18,1999. All that’s known is that she’s a D-cup and height 166cm. She’s certainly round and firm….

Emi Dan. DOB unk, but she does a video about her daughter’s boyfriend. She’s a skinny 86-58-90cm, D-cup and height 162cm.

Ryo Harusaki, May 22. 1997. She’s a firm 84-57-86cm, D-cup and height 160cm. Don’t you love her short hair?

Yuka Arai, Oct 15, 1994. She’s a voluptuous 86-58-87cm, F-cup and 167cm tall.

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