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For today’s Wayback Wednesday, we have Chiharu Kawai (川合千春). She is a model, actress, and voice talent from Hokkaido, Japan. Chiharu started modeling in 1990 and acting in 1991. She posed for a nude photobook in 1998, some of which is seen below. Although Chiharu never officially retired, her last acting role was in 2010.

Originally from Florida and now based in New York, fashion model Kailey Hsu can be seen modeling jewelry for Tiffany & Co. and walking runways for top brands like Givenchy. Her elegant beauty comes from a mixture of Chinese and Hungarian genetics. Away from modeling, Kailey likes scuba diving, jet skiing, and wakeboarding.


For Wayback Wednesday, we have Yuu Kizaki (稀崎優) (きざきゆう) (sometimes You Kizaki or Yu Kizaki). She is a singer and model. Yuu was born in 1972 and had appeared in the pop group known as EN DOLL back in the 90′s. The group did live singing appearances on stages around Japan, and also posed for nude photo books. Yuu modeled on her own, as well.

Paperfolder and siewaun posted some of Yuu’s pictures back in 2017~2018.

Lily is freelance model based in Melbourne, Australia. She does fine art, boudoir, lingerie, and more. “Modelling is my outlet to express myself and through this I can be who I want to be”, says Lily.

Lily’s cute butt (quick vid)
Instagram 1
Instagram 2

Ui Mita (三田羽衣) is a 33-year-old professional model from Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. She graduated music college and specializes in opera and the flute. Ui has done work as a gravure artist, actress, race queen, and model.


Davika Hoorne (ดาวิกา โฮร์เน่), nicknamed Mai (ใหม่), is a fashion model, actress, and singer. She was born in 1992 in Bangkok to a Thai mother and a Belgian father. Davika is also a generous philanthropist, joining the UNICEF Basket of Hope campaign and is Thailand’s ambassador for WildAid’s “Ivory Free” campaign.

Davika wears latex at 00:51 (video)

Just wanted to get suggestions for any Asian ladies to follow on Reddit. I’m partial to the MILF-next-door type myself, but all suggestions are welcome.

Here are a couple from me:



Courtney Chen is a stunt performer and actress of Chinese-American descent. She has been engaged in taekwondo training since she was 6, and now holds a second degree black belt. She also has a black belt in karate, and practices jujitsu and boxing. Courtney has been involved in about 50 movies and TV shows, her most recent being: Obliterated, The Continental: From the World of John Wick, and FBI: International.


I wonder if anyone knows Ming Lee. She fascinated me when I managed to find a video clip of her quite some years ago now, but I had completely forgotten her name though her activities have stayed in my memory. Wanting to re-establish contact, as it were, I did some research, managed to find her again and then remembered her name, which is Ming Lee. She does not seem to have had a very long career but appears in a couple of videos titled Asian Dolls Uncut, Nos. 2 and 12, dating back to the early 2000s. I like her because she appears so very innocent and has a very homely look about her. I wonder if any one else has seen her and shares my enthusiasm. I have not been able to find the video sequence I remember online again but have downloaded some stills. I will try to upload a couple, though my attempts so far to upload pictures here have failed, so if that’s the case this time too I’ll just leave this text as it is. Any thoughts would be most welcome whatever happens. Many thanks.

Roxy Bloom is an Asian American model. She did a few photo sets and seemingly disappeared from the internet. Maybe Roxy changed her online name, or maybe just decided not to pursue modeling any further. Our loss.

Outdoor Photoshoot (video)

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