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Mizuho Koka (Kouga), June 30, 1973, 86-59-88, T171cm. She was the 1994 Clarion Girl and then the Kanebo Swimsuit Girl. She’s also written books related to dieting. She’s the mother of 2 children.

Movie ID: STAR-862
Japanese Name: STAR-862 W集団レイプに遭った市川まさみと桃乃木かな(本人達)
Released Date: 2018-01-01
Length: 122min
Label: SODstar
Studio: SODCreate
Director: Zakkuarai
Jav Actress: ‘市川まさみ’, ‘Kana Momonogi
Torrent: STAR-862 :D :D :D

Niko Maizono is a japanese gravure idol born in Osaka on 3 3 1996. , and she is 150 cm tall, Niko’s body measurements are: Bust: 80 cm, Waist: 58 cm and Hips: 88 cm.


Ryoko Kato, July 20, 1973, 89-60-90, T160cm. She’s aka Atsuki Kato. More pics are found here.

I put this topic here because I don’t know where else to put it…
Basically there’s this Italian aperitif, that still exists, that claimed to be made with “Oriental herbs” (mostly rhubarb) and used a drawing of a Chinese/Asian girl in the shape of a Z (the producer Zucca’s initial) for their ads.
In the mid-late 80s they decided to revamp this campaign and used an unknown Asian model for some shoots that they used for a while. Nothing is known about her and they didn’t attempt this stunt again; research show that they used a girl of color in the early 2000s but I wasn’t able to find it, certainly they didn’t use any Asian girls again (maybe because of the politically correct?).
She might be a bit stereotypical but I like her for that typical 80s appearance, legwarmers and all.

Marina Yuzuki, Nov 30, 1993, 108K-58-85, a petite 148cm. More pics are here.

Nagisa Horikoshi, Nov 30, 1991, 95G-60-88, T165cm. She’s a big girl, but looks physically fit.

Chie Aragaki, Nov 30, 1990, 89G-62-98, T168. As you can see she’s a little hippy, but she makes up for it with her height of nearly 170cm.

Yoshie Kashiwabara, Oct 1, 1965, 86-58-88, T157cm. She was a popular singer-songwriter in the 80′s. In 1995 she had sexy posters hung on the street to promote a new album – they were all stolen within days. She’s still single. There are more pics here.

Rumi Kazama, Nov 28, 1965, 99-78-90, T153cm. Her wrestling record is 217 wins and 102 losses. She’s won the AJW championship once and also the WWWA tag team championship once. She did a photobook, and has acted in some pink films.

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