February 2023

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Agi is one of the best known and uninhibited nude models on the internet, and probably the most popular nude model from Mongolia.
Agi has appeared on many sites under the names “Agnes” (most common), “Saruul”, “Mei Li”,“Agi”, and “Agy”.
In addition to her legendary modelling career, Agi developed a personna known as the “Naked Photographer”. She started out by assisting a prominent photographer and learning the craft of taking photos instead of just posing. When she started working behind the camera, she naturally concluded the most creative way for her to practice her craft was to be fully naked. That may have been a smart idea; it certainly was a distinctive approach to nude photography.
During all these sessions, she remained completely naked from beginning to end – even when her ‘model’ was dressed, Agi was naked. There are plenty of pics on the web that show her behind the camera taking pics of another model, none of them show her wearing clothes. Now and then, she would switch roles, hand the camera over to the model, and become the subject again.

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Sana Sakura is a Bodoh Dancer, performance artist, stage actress, and yoga instructor. She was born in Japan and lives in Berlin. Sana has her own web page and YouTube channel.