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Masami Ichikawa, July 10, 1991. She’s in great shape at 81-61-91cm, C-cup and height 162cm. A magnetic smile on a great face too. She had to file a restraining order on a man who was stalking her though. The cops grabbed him holding a knife at one of her appearances.

Hitomi Yoshizawa, April 12, 1985. She is a former member of the girl group Morning Musume. In November she was handed a suspended sentence for driving while under the influence and hit and run. The car she was driving ran a red light and struck a bicyclist, who then struck a pedestrian. Fortunately, their injuries were not serious.

She has announced that she is retired from the entertainment industry.

Rui Hizuki is a japanese av idol born in Yamanashi on 16 1 1994. Her blood type is O, and she is 158 cm tall, Rui’s body measurements are: Bust: 92 cm, Waist: 58 cm and Hips: 90 cm.


Shoko Yokoyama, June 8, 1986. She’s a lithesome 85-60-85cm, C-cup and 158 cm tall. She started out skinny, but now she’s been working out. She doesn’t have an ounce of fat, judging by some of the pics.

anyone please can tell me the name of the girl. i believe it’s from metart.com

Kokoro Maki, Nov 23, 1991. She’s a voluptuous 95-60-85cm, I-cup and height of 158cm. I can’t believe she hasn’t been featured in the AS blog or forum yet. B*bx says she’s a gravure model, but she’s been in AV for some time now.

Ayaka Otani is a japanese gravure idol born in Tokyo on 3 9 1995. Her blood type is O, and she is 153 cm tall, Ayaka’s body measurements are: Bust: 0 cm, Waist: 0 cm and Hips: 0 cm.


Yoriko Douguchi, Mar 18, 1965. She’s 164cm tall and a C-cup girl. She’s a cancer survivor.

Sachiko Kobayashi, Dec 5, 1953. She started singing at age 9, and at age 10 released her first hit. Since then she’s done mainstream and voice acting.

Kayoko Kishimoto, b. Dec 29, 1960.

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