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I found Wang Lin (王麟) on three sites, all with the same photos. Two of those sites used Chinese (simplified) language, but had no biographical information on her. Maybe some other fans out there know more about her and can share with us. She’s just too cute not to have on Asian Sirens!

Quỳnh Châu aka Chế Nguyễn Quỳnh Châu is a model and actress from Vietnam. Originally from the city of Da Lat (capital of Lâm Đồng province), she now lives and works in Ho Chi Minh City. She won 1st Runner-up in the Miss Grand Vietnam 2022.

Her YouTube page:


Rin Nakai (中井 りん) (なかい りん) will kick your candy ass. She is a professional MMA fighter from Matsuyama, Japan.
Rin started judo training when she was three-years-old. In middle school she ranked at #5 nationwide, and in high school she ranked #3. Judo is the main fighting style she uses in her MMA fights, although it is hybridly mixed with the other martial arts she knows. Rin won the Valkyrie Open Weight Championship in 2010, and won the Bantamweight Queen of Pancrase Championship in 2012. Her current record is an impressive 26-2-1.





A quick workout video:


Qiu Yue (秋月) is a Chinese-American model from Lehi, Utah. She loves volleyball and has a passion for tennis.

Sue Kang is a Korean-Australian model and lawyer. She grew up in Seoul, Honolulu, and Sydney and can speak both English and Korean fluently. Sue also surfs, scuba dives (advanced open water), and is an experienced hiker. She is currently studying the Master of Laws graduate coursework.
I’m going to go commit a crime in Australia so she can prosecute and punish me. Wink, wink…nudge, nudge.

Her promo vid:


Farhanna Farid is a power-lifting pharmacist from Singapore. She currently holds the world record for U-52kg (under 115 lbs) deadlift at 201kg (443 lbs). Farhanna has put her pharmacist job on hold while she pursues powerlifting full-time, as well as coaching others in the sport. For more on her awards, medals, and records, see her Wikipedia page:


A seven-minute video interview:


Maulina Pratama is a part-time model from Jakarta, Indonesia.

Lorena Schuett (ลลินา ชูเอ็ทท์) nicknamed Lena (ลีน่า) is a Canadian-Thai actress, model, and singer. She has been in over a dozen television shows in Thailand.

Tiffany Mizuki Hirth is a model of fashion, clothing, and jewelry. Her mother is Japanese and her father is half German. Tiffany is from Portland, Oregon.



More pics:




Katelyn Ohashi is an American gymnast of Japanese and German descent. She started competitive gymnastics at 12 years of age and finished competing after graduating college at UCLA in 2019. Her muscular development is simply amazing, as seen in these photos. Katelyn still performs in commercials and shows, such as Simone Biles’ Gold Over America Tour. She has also done some modeling shoots. Katelyn’s awards and accolades are far too numerous to list here – I refer you to her Wikipedia page:


Katelyn was previously featured here on Asian Sirens by Romanticwarrior:




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