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Rosa Suzumori (AKA Akane Hinata)
birth date: November 8, 1995
height: 160 cm
measurements: 95-56-86 (H-cup)

Though I’m no expert on porn or JAV, I wonder why nobody talks about this girl. With her slender body, thin waist, perfect round boobs and sad doll face, she’s one of the prettiest AV actresses I’ve ever seen. Maybe it’s because she has no online presence at all, or at least I’ve found nothing. Anyone knows?
It also seems she’s partly Northern European, I read half-Danish somewhere but I’m not really sure.

Midori Mizuno is a japanese av idol born in Saitama on 12 12 1990. Her blood type is B, and she is 157 cm tall, Midori’s body measurements are: Bust: 82 cm, Waist: 59 cm and Hips: 84 cm.


Here’s another Okada, a shame her pics are rare.)

Yoshika Okada , April 26, 1969, 82-51-83cm, T157cm.

Can her waist really be just 51cm? And her bust just 82cm? Hmmm.

Yu Okada , June 24, 1977, 86-60-86, T158cm.

Here’s a rare one; she’s got hypnotic eyes.

Yuki Amano , 82-59-90, T160cm.

Yumi Egawa , Nov 27, 1981, 88-60-88, T163cm.

Inao Ritsuko , actress, Dec 13, 1972, a surprising 89-54-88.

Urumi Yurisaki is a japanese av idol born on 30 11 1993. , and she is 158 cm tall, Urumi’s body measurements are: Bust: 86 cm, Waist: 58 cm and Hips: 88 cm.


Chisa Aizawa (相沢知沙)
aka: Chiasa Aizawa, Tomosa Aizawa
Born: March 9, 1981
From: Tokyo
Height: 163cm
Measurements: B91 W58 H90

Romanticwarrior posted a feature of Chisa a month ago:


There are a lot of galleries of her still available of her on line, but there is almost no information anywhere. I don’t believe that she did any AV, so I’m posting my collection here.

I created this collection in 2005, so her photobooks or magazine shoots were before that. Still, I can’t even find the publications or the photographers.

I recently added a couple of shots, but it’s madness to rework all these old collections and I prefer to let them alone. As with most of my collections, the resolutions are small (as was normal over a decade ago) and are retouched to remove logos, watermarks, names, borders, etc. in an effort to keep the photographs “authentic.” I very rarely tweak the color or contrast, but sometimes I’ll create an “artistic rendering.” The moderators at the old SLF.01 didn’t like it if I posted “repeats”, but there are subtle differences from different scanners, so I’ll post every thing I have. None of my collections, of course, are definitive.

Ayumi Matsukawa (松川あゆみ) aka Maki Izumi (真木いづみ)

Profession: AV Idol
Date of birth: Nov 28, 1978
Birthplace: Sendai City, Miyagi prefecture
Measurement: B-90, W-63, H-90
Blood type: A

Ayumi Matsukawa – Bluebird scans :)

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