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Nao Yuki, June 30, 1984. She’s 85-64-86cm, G-cup and height 154cm. She’s not to be confused with another Nao Yuki that’s a younger girl.

Does anyone know her name
She is from the movie ~ DANDY-294



https://www.xvideos.com/video35701315/chikan_big_ass_asian_milf_oiled_in_the_bus#_tabComments at the start of this video it shows her name in Japanese but i don’t speak or understand Japanese

Risa Morisawa. She’s a surprising 85-58-85cm, D-cup and height 162cm.

Asuka Hananishi. She’s a full 93-63-90cm and a G-cup.

Miho Kurayoshi, she’s 98-65-96cm and height 163cm.

Rika Aimi, Dec 30, 1999. She’s a very surprising 79-53-78cm, a wonderful H-cup, and height 145cm.

Yukina Kurokawa. She’s 101-65-95cm, H-cup and height 168cm.

The debut AV says that she’s 1/4 Latino, but that could be for the story line…..

Ai Inoue, data unknown. she’s a cutie!

Edit: she’s 95-61-88cm, G-cup and height 148cm.

Ria Shinba, Aug 6, 1994. She’s 90-60-80cm and height 160cm.

Madoka Suzaki, data unk. But what glorious breasts!

Edit: she;s 95-62-88cm, G-cup and 157cm height.

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