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Japanese actress very active through the 1960s – 80s. Some of her better-known films include “Gate of Flesh”, “Vampire Doll”, “Lone Wolf and Cub: Baby Cart at the River Styx” and “Deathquake”. In the early 90s, she posed for a series of nude photobooks, before retiring circa 1995.

Long before the internet was invented, Asian Sirens was a print publication owned by Dr. Lee’s great-great-grandfater. One of the first of his featured Sirens was Eurasian model Mei Ling.
Just kidding.
This is from an old 1950′s periodical called Hold It. Mei Ling’s pictures were taken by either a person or a studio that went by the name “Marno”.
Thought this would be fun for a Wayback Wednesday.


We need your best detective because I don’t have a name for this model, but she’s becoming as ubiquitous in the stock photo world as Rebecca Ariana Givens used to be. Who is this?




Here she is posing with other models:



Jade Wang is a model from New York City. Well, I thought she was only a model until I went to her webpage. Let’s just say she’s way outside of my financial capabilities. That ass, tho…


Former wife of Indonesian president Sukarno. In 1993, she posed nude for a photobook, to much controversy in Indonesia.

She remains an obnoxious media personality in Japan, but one cannot deny she looks great for her age.

Hsu Wei-ning (許瑋甯) aka Tiffany Ann Hsu is a Taiwanese actress and model. She has Taiwanese and Italian-American parents. Tiffany has been in 25 movies, 24 TV shows, 13 music videos, and 1 stage play. Additionally, she sang in 4 music singles and has written 1 book. That’s quite prolific, and she’s still going!

Yi Jia (依嘉) is a artistic gymnastics performer from China.

Sun Fei (孙菲) is a contortionist from Liaoning, China. Although she’s not nude, I got a surprise stiffy looking at these photos. I think you guys understand.

Angelina Chung is an Asian-American model and AV actress of Cambodian descent. She was a water polo player and swimmer in high school, and now relaxes with hiking, camping, and swimming in her spare time.

Bacon Wrapped Green Beans (a safe-for-work cooking vid)

Kohaku Uta (琥珀うた) is a Japanese model and AV actress. She has used many stage names and aliases. Kohaku displays her talents in softcore, hardcore, and mainstream movies.


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