May 2018

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Jura Hanasaki has got those hypnotizing eyes. Her chest is 93cm and she’s a G-cup.

Shiori Momoki, another full-figured gal at 101-65-99, G-cup and T148cm.

I wonder what it’d be like with a girlfriend named “Mugi”?

She’s very petite, which enhances her F-cup breasts. She’s 82-53-80, F-cup and T146cm.

Monaka Oguri, 92-58-88, an H-cup girl. Her chest is “high definition.

Uta Suzuki; she’s a chesty 105-63-89cm. An I-cup girl I’d like to see more of . . .

Shiho Fujie, July 17, 1996; she’s a surprising 83-59-90, and T160cm.

Shiori Misato, she’s a beautiful milf at 106-64-92, G-cup and T153cm.

Rei Ishigami, April 16, 1997, 90-60-87 and T168cm.

Mio Hinazuru, 90-59-85cm, G-cup, and T159cm. Her chest looks like there’s internal pressure, and at times she defies gravity.

Seira Sakuragi; she’s 98-61-88cm, G-cup and T153cm.

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