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Naho Kuroki , June 6, 1985, 92F-60-88, T158cm. Her 1st pic is breathtaking. . .

Over 180 pics are here.

Rena/Reina Shinohara (篠原玲奈)

Profession: AV actress
Date of birth: Sept 8, 1976
Birthplace: Japan
Height: 154cm
Measurement: B-87, W-56, H-87
Blood type: B

Rena Shinohara – BlueBird CD1 – GD :)

Nami Himemura , Oct 16, 1990, 91-64-89, T164cm. She’s allegedly aka Rino Himekawa. Pics 2 and 3 seem to show some mottled skin, as if the room was very cold – breast in pic2 looks black and blue.

A general discussion thread about what movie/s, TV series, YouTube Vids you are watching .. or music you are listening to.

If there is a movie or series you are looking forward to – please feel free to discuss here ..

Anyone? Wings, you seem to be pretty good at this?? I will be forever in your debt

Marina Yabuki (矢吹まりな)

Profession: AV actress
Date of birth: Oct 21, 1975
Birthplace: Saitama, Japan
Height: 160cm
Measurement: B-82, W-58, H-84
Blood type: O

Marina Yabuki – BlueBird CD1 :)

Nami Hoshino , July 3, 1992, 90G-59-90, T152cm. She began to develop early in the sixth grade, and was uncomfortable such that she skipped swimming classes. Later in high school her shyness subsided and she started modeling. There are over 700 more pics here.

Instead of the standard sidebar related to the blog, I’ve finally added a forum specific sidebar. This also allows the long overdue ability to click on forum specific tags, to find all topics by tag.

I’ve also added forum topic tags/archives to the mobile theme.

Masumi Tachibana (橘ますみ)

Profession: AV actress
Date of birth: May 16, 1972
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Height: 162cm
Measurement: B-84, W-58, H-84
Blood type: A

Masumi Tachibana – BlueBird CD1 :)

Shiori Tsukada , Mar 23, 1994, 101-60-95, T155cm. A J-cup girl, she may have put on weight because Japan wiki lists her hips at 98cm. She’s aka Yuna Miruku.

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