Free Asian Girl Sites

I would like to see a discussion of the best free Asian girls sites (porn or otherwise) besides Asian-Sirens.

This topic was proposed by long time reader and one of my favourite commenters Wingsfan19 back when the site went through the revamp, and it has sat in the suggest post as I wasn’t sure how best to approach it. Most of the places I visit are based around researching posts so…

There are a number of ways to approach the task of finding the girls we feature here and the growth of social media has seen a massive growth in photo sharing sites like Tumblr, instagram and Flickr. Often the pictures are not labelled in a way where it is possible to identify the beauty you are looking at (a constant frustration), and they also can make it difficult to save the pictures once you find them, although there are ways to get around this. Your best friend in this situation IMHO is Google Images, which will often help or at least help you give up quickly!

While those sites are okay, they often lead to endless surfing where you are distracted by the next beauty before you have resolved the post for the initial ‘find’, so here are a few of the places I like:

If you are looking for a Japanese girl you can’t beat JJGirls or BobX. Both have plenty of free content and easy search functions.

Chinese for me are more problematic, but this link from Kinchina is indeed the ‘motherlode’ he spoke of. With the Chinese ladies I start with a girl and try to decipher the name and follow my nose (it is the reason for numerous mistakes). Often they lead back to a Moko page and a Weibo or Baidu account, the Chinese version of Facebook.

Another fantastic resource is Scanlover, a forum which has a hell of a lot of content and a useful search engine. I thoroughly recommend you all sign up there if you haven’t already—many of the ladies featured here have ongoing threads which are constantly updated. They also often have higher resolution pictures than many of the other websites.

Thai and Vietnamese ladies are usually found on dodgier websites, peppered with pop up ads and frequently kill my computer. I often find these girls by Google Search and finding a ‘backdoor’ into a forum or pic host where someone has uploaded the content from a pay site. It is just a matter of following links in and out of dead ends until you get what you were after. This can be laborious but can have some great results.

Model sites and photographers pages are also a fantastic sources, as you know from Tony Yang. They often throw up a new face that you can then follow up. Other places I like are Red Flava, Daily Lenglui and Asian thumbs—all are worth mentioning and have helped a lot along the journey, :)

So what about you? Where is it that you like to visit when you’re not here? Have your say below and throw in the link too if you’d be so kind. ;)



  1. Kinchina’s avatar

    Too bad iiqr is not updated much anymore.
    Another one is gravuregirlz. He’s pretty good with getting the names right and it’s really only Japanese and Chinese girls. Lots of nudity as well.
    Regular updates.
    Also check out Does not appear to be affiliated with Xiuren the photog group. Lots of content.
    Another one focused on Chinese models’ selfies is
    Rarely has nudes but a lot of models are posted. Easy to find names and search from there.

  2. Avatar of Luke


    Gold! They’re nice sites, Gravure girls is a place I have regularly wound up at without knowing how ;)

  3. Avatar of French

    Asian-Sirens is my “go to” site. It suits me perfectly, ergo, I do not stray :) Great posts, great replies, and a place to learn as well.

    However, when my eye wanders, I sometimes check out: for the visuals

    That one is all about Asian culture/topics. Pretty cool.

  4. Avatar of fungusfarm

    I’m sorry I’m unable to contribute any sites. I am a loyal member to Asian-Sirens.
    I do want to say Thank you to the amazing Asian-Sirens crew for having the best site.

  5. Avatar of Desiree M.

    I am going to second that of fungusfarm comment. As the owner of I gotta say that Asian-Sirens is one of the best sites to discover new models and know almost every little detail about our favorite, and soon-to-be favorite Asian models.

    I regularly visit you and I am really proud of the work you do. Keep it up and remember we are all in this for the same reason: Our Love for Asian girls. :)

    My best wishes!

  6. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Desiree V,

    Welcome to Asian Sirens! Don’t be shy to join in our discussions. :)

  7. Avatar of Desiree M.

    Dr. Lee,

    I won’t be shy. The pleasure is all mine. ^_^*

  8. Bob’s avatar

    I think that your site is great, too!

    Who is the fabulous lady in the picture above?


  9. Avatar of Desiree M.


    That’s Khyanna Song.

  10. Bob’s avatar

    Thank you much, Desiree V!

  11. Avatar of Luke

    Does anyone come across pages like THIS? (you click the arrow to scroll through)

    I find them regularly and it seems to just be someones photo stream with girls that are fantastic that I can’t identify.

  12. Avatar of Luke

    In this case there is actually a link if you click CHARMING down the bottom.

  13. Avatar of Desiree M.


    As a photographer myself I gotta say that the picture you linked in very well taken. It seems like a professional studio start-up and yes, they are sometimes difficult to identify and find as well.

    I obsess with those type of photo-shoots and try to dig more info about those models as much as I can. Especially when I like the pictures taken.

  14. Avatar of Luke

    Desiree V,

    Yes I get lost in a google image/translate nightmare. That one only reveals Amy to me which isn’t much help :(

  15. Avatar of Desiree M.


    did you look for the photographer on weibo?

    It happens to me a lot when I want to put together a decent gallery. Sometimes I have to bother the whole team cause I get obsessed with finding that particular model and we still end up empty handed…

  16. Avatar of Desiree M.

    This is the photographer’s Weibo Account

  17. Avatar of Luke

    Desiree V,

    I hadn’t found that, thanks. It all seems from the same small gallery unfortunately. I know what you mean about getting obsessed lol

  18. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Like, thanks for the update, information, and compliment. Here’s a site I like:

    I don’t care much for hentai, but you can find a LOT of galleries of Sung Hi Lee, Black alley girls, etc. It works best if you know the name of the lady you are looking for, but that can lead you into discovering many other worthwhile babes.

    Now, what about porn sites?

  19. gunnar’s avatar

    sorry for not being able to contribute anything more than just the usual japanese
    i knew khyanna song before and i quite like her… she has something…

  20. Avatar of Bourbaki

    Jamie Chung is aging so well…

    Here’s my list:

    1) scanlover
    2) redflava

    1) idols69
    2) jjgirls
    3) luxasian
    4) sinasians

    1) meizico

  21. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Japanese: bobx
    Asian porn:
    1) askeve
    2) tiava
    4) hornyasianslut (unfortunately it doesn’t update often)
    5) tokyoporn

    I ALWAYS go to Asian-sirens first:-)

  22. kil.lou’s avatar

    for me, a good reference is: in the section Asian model with lot of asian models

  23. Avatar of Bubalabobo

    If you’re looking for dirty entertainment I think is probably one of the best websites now. No malware etc., an endless number of videos. Lots of Asian stuff, but like most Asian porn sites dominated by the tedious and I think boring Japanese porn.

    Oh, one other–the Asian Street Impressions photostream on Flickr is really fun to browse and wander through. All just candids of everyday girls, with plenty of beauties. When one has time, it’s great to relax, pick a nice bench and watch all the pretty women walk by, enjoying the variety–he allows us to do that (all over the world) whenever we want.

  24. Jason’s avatar

    I like this one too


  25. Ray’s avatar

    my heroes, my contribution

  26. Avatar of Bubalabobo

    Here’s a great page of loads of smokin K pop girls, pervingonfemalekpop. There are tons of gifs and pics edited showing every jiggle, boob bounce, legs, waists, etc. Loads of hotties here.

  27. bingo’s avatar

    whose the girl in the first pic

  28. Avatar of Luke


    Chrissie Chau, a Hong Kong model who is awesome! :)