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Yuki Komiyama is a japanese av idol born on 0 0 1993. , and she is 151 cm tall, Yuki’s body measurements are: Bust: 83 cm, Waist: 58 cm and Hips: 85 cm.


Rina Okada , May 20, 1982, 84-58-84, T152cm.

Mizuna Wakatsuki , 100I-66-97, T167cm.

Mizuna’s breasts may not be magnificent, but they are impressive. I wish I had more softcore pics instead of relying on the HC to show her.

Momoka Ogawa , Mar 10, 1990, 91F-62-92, T160cm.

Miku Hayama , Oct 6, 1994, 88-61-89, T164cm.

She doesn’t appear that tall. The other slightly unusual thing is that her breasts, when free, seem to separate rather widely.

Mariko Kajikawa , Nov 14, 1964, 84-58-82, T155cm.

Here’s a sweet girl – Satoko Kikushima , July 28, 1963.
She’s 90-63-93 and T160cm.

She’s aka Mio Sugimori.

I’m surprised Megu Goto hasn’t been featured yet. At least I’ve tried to search AS for her, considering various spellings. . .

Megu Goto , Oct 20, 1970, 96F-57-86, T156cm.

Mei Inaba 稲葉めい aka Hitomi Takano 高野ひとみ

Various sources, including B*bx, list different years of birth, as well as different measurements. But Mei Inaba is indeed Hitomi Takano.

Mei Inaba, Dec 15, 1975, 85D-60-84, T164cm.
Hitomi Takano, Dec 15, 1973, 84-59-85, T161cm.

She may aka Akane Saito.

The japanese wiki page says she’s changed these names multiple times.

Miyuki Takahara , Jan 29, 1976, 86-57-85, T155cm.

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