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Xià Mù Guāng (夏暮光) aka Xia Muguang comes to us from Taipei City, Taiwan. Looking for her bio got me bored and frustrated. One site says she’s 35. I’m like, “No way!”. Here are some sites for my fellow Sirens fans who might want to take a deeper dive:





Louisa Lu is a British Asian model based in the United Kingdom. Mostly seen modeling lingerie, underwear, pantyhose, and fetish, Louisa also models for artistic subjects – one of my favorites is “Apocalypse Girl” photographed by T O X I C (see picture 10). Louisa has been displayed in a couple of the international editions of Playboy magazine, as well as a dozen other adult-themed periodicals. She also makes solo videos so we fans can enjoy our spanky time.

Kind of a challenge unless you subscribed to her site back in 2000-2002(ish) or happened to score her porn videos from VooDoovideos.com (which I have looked everywhere for but was way too late to the party to order) or were a part of reddoor.net where she was known as MIstress Maya and were lucky enough to get any of those pics. Name: Maya Lei (or Maya Lelani). I had to do some serious digging to find what I have found that isn’t the “usual stuff” when googled etc.. Thanks and have fun!

27 year’s old, show you her hairy pussy

In the category of “Women Who Can Physically Mess You Up”, we have stunt woman and martial artist Ming Qiu. She has been continuously practicing Wushu (a Chinese martial art), ever since her childhood in Nanjing, China. While a member of the Jianxu Wushu team, she won several national and international martial art competitions, including a Gold Medal for her home country. When Ming moved to the U.S. in 1995 to compete, she got a chance to stunt double in Walker: Texas Ranger. That catapulted her into a stunt career that has lasted over two decades…and counting! Star Wars geeks already know her as the stunt coordinator for the television show Ashoka, as Jedi Master Minus Velti in the television series Obi-Wan Kenobi, and as Ming-Na Wen’s stunt double in both The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett. So when you see Fennec Shand jumping off buildings and shooting up the bad guys, know that it is our gal Ming Qiu. pew pew!

Ming’s homepage:


Bio info:



Jung Yeong Hyeon (정영현) aka Serena Jung is a model of Korean descent. She’s often been featured in the Korean edition of Maxim Magazine and has modeled for various product lines, swimwear, and lingerie.
Pictures 1 through 9 are by photographer Eduardo Bojórquez, 10 and 11 are uncredited, and number 12…well, I’ll let you figure that out.

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Also known as : ANZA (アンザ)
Date of Birth : May 4, 1976
Birthplace: Cape Town, South Africa
Height: 160cm
Blood Type: A

Anza Ohyama, also known as simply Anza (stylized as ANZA), is a Japanese musician and theatre actress. She is best known as the vocalist and founding member of Japanese nu metal band Head Phones President since their formation in 1999, and she is also a solo artist.

She was also previously a member of the J-pop idol group Sakurakko Club from 1992 until their disbandment in 1995, and was also one-half of the J-pop idol duo MOMO from 1993 to 1995. She is also known for playing Sailor Moon in 13 thirteen separate musical productions from 1993 to 1998. She is half-Japanese, and half-South Afican.

She released a gravure photobook in 1997, which was titled ANZA COMPLETE.

Rina Sawayama (リナ・サワヤマ) is a singer, songwriter, fashion model, and actress. She stars in the movie John Wick: Chapter 4. Rina was born in Niigata, Japan and grew up in London, England. Not to be confused with a similair-named model, this Rina spells her name リナ・サワヤマ (Include that dot with your searches).

Rina Sawayama (澤山 璃奈) is a fashion model, television personality, and professional figure skater. She has won over a dozen ice skating competitions between 2000 and 2012. After her skating career, she started appearing in television shows. Rina has a keen interest Korean culture. She can read, write, and speak Korean – in addition to her native Japanese language. Not to be confused with another similar-named model, this Rina’s name is spelled 澤山 璃奈.