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Yukie Kawamura (川村 ゆきえ) is a Japanese actress and model from Otaru. She began modeling as a gravure idol in 2003 and started acting in 2006. Yukie has been since performed in 32 movies and television shows. She got married in 2019, and the couple had a child a year later. Yukie’s public activities have been quiet since then, but I hope she comes back because she’s still very hot (see last two photos)!

Oldieslover and siewaun brought us Yukie about 6 or 7 years ago (link).

My New Trailer for Ai Hongo’s SSIS-996

Click Here for SSIS-996 Trailer

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Vietnamese-British cutie Emily Osborne recently gained some fame from a meme that sprung from the TV quiz show University Challenge. Emily, along with three of her classmates, represented the University of Aberdeen, where she studies Economics. How can we see a more wild side of this young lady? We need jungle, I’m afraid.


Atsushi Suwa is an artist who creates amazing realist paintings. He attended Musashino Art University and studied oils at the graduate level, then moved to Spain for further studies. He won the First Class Award at the 5th Concurso International de Pintura (1995), and later won an Award for Excellence at the 22nd Selected Promotional Exhibition at the Sompo Japan Museum of Art (2003).

Additional bio and paintings (non-nude)

Seo Hyeon (서현) is a South Korean fashion and nude model. Not to be confused with the K-pop singer of a similarly sounding (but differently spelled) name.

No biographies for today’s Wayback-Wednesday, just a collection of vintage photographs that were shared online in the previous century. It was a time when the binary 1′s and 0′s were transmitted in Morse Code by tapping a telegraph key through what was called “the interwebs” or sometimes “a series of tubes”. It was invented by Al Gore.

Rebecca Kwan is a Canadian actress, model, and fashion designer from Toronto. Her family heritage is Chinese. Rebecca has been in about a dozen shows so far, and is now starting her own production company, SeeYun Entertainment. You can see her now starring as Nurse Emma on Sky+Med, a Canadian medical drama television series.

Jesikah Thai aka Jesikah is a model from Bangkok, Thailand. She’s available for clothing, fashion, artistic nude, and explicit nude.

Professional page

Pavel Kiselev is a professional photographer from Russia. His artistic range is wide and far above average, as seen in the links below. Pavel has been into professional photography for over 25 years, with a number of subjects such as landscapes, still art, and artistic nudes. Here’s an Asian Siren in some of those aforementioned nudes:

Deviant Art

Appearing in Wayback-Wednesday today is Diana Lee aka Diana Hsu, an American model and actress originally from Seattle. She was the Playboy Playmate of the Month back in May of 1988. Diana starred as a bond girl in Licence to Kill (1989), playing Hong Kong narcotic agent Loti. She’s also featured dancing in that film’s title sequence. Diana has kept up her good looks as seen in the twelfth photo, taken in 2016 when she was 55.

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