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Kaori Kuraishi, Jan 5, 1980, 83-56-82cm and T153cm. There are a few hundred more pics here.

Can anyone help me with this?

I think here name was J….something.

I know she died some time back.

She did a few scenes in low budget TV shows, but very nice looking.

Many thanks

Chigusa Hara, Nov 23, 1991, 90-61-88cm, T164cm. She’s aka
Akari OZAKI – 尾崎あかり
Yume KYÔNO – 京野ゆめ

She’s a cutie that looks mischievous. . .

Ayaka Uehara, Feb 12, 1979, 85-58-87, T156cm. About 70 more pics here.

Eri Ouka is a japanese av idol born in Kanagawa on 11 4 1990. Her blood type is A, and she is 158 cm tall, Eri’s body measurements are: Bust: 84 cm, Waist: 56 cm and Hips: 88 cm.


Kotone Kurebayashi is a japanese av idol born on 0 0 1994. , and she is 156 cm tall, Kotone’s body measurements are: Bust: 83 cm, Waist: 55 cm and Hips: 86 cm.


Kaori Okamoto, Feb 28,1963. Most noted for her acting career, she debuted in a pink film in 1982. Besides acting, she’s been a yoga instructor, and a race car driver, notably in the 1990 Japanese Touring Car series.

Ai Miyachi, or Miyagi, b. Sep 30, 1998. She’s a sweet 83-56-88 and an E-cup. At 142cm, she’s one of the most petite.

Kaoru Oda, April 1, 1961. She’s done a lot of movies and TV, and was in some Nikkatsu Roman Porno films too. She also played a pro wrestler in “Beautiful Wrestlers: Down for the Count”.

A curious thing I found: 鎧美女 or Yoroi Bijo (Armor Beauties) is/was a show on Fuji TV late at night starring several gravure idols. The interesting thing is that it’s an “educational” broadcast: every girl is dressed with the armor of a famous samurai/warlord/feudal lord from Japan’s past, a narrator explains who he was and what he’d done, then the girls are being slowly undressed piece by piece, until they’re wearing only a bikini. Then they show their calligraphy skills and the episode ends.

I haven’t found much about the show outside of some articles written when it premiered, way back in 2015. I don’t even know if it’s still on the air or not…

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