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Dear guys,

I am quite desperate as there has been one Japanese semi-nude model on here, which I can’t find anymore for some reason. I have spent hours looking through the archive, but to no avail.

What I remember is this: It was a very petite Japanese model with a very young/cute face and ears that stick out. She had some bikini shootings and YouTube videos, incl. one video where she is in a shower helping to wash someone from POV. I really can’t find her profile anymore and it drives me nuts haha. Any help or tips appreciated!


Yumi Shion, April 30, 1999. She’s reportedly an all-natural 100-63-95cm, I-cup, and height is 149cm.

Ruru Aizawa, March 16, 1995. She’s a surprising G-cup girl, and measures 85-60-88cm, and height is 156cm. Her mounds are irresistably firm. She’s aka Miki Hayashi and Moka Sakura.

Noa Kasuga. She’s in her 20′s, and as one of her signboards reads, she’s a Powerful Woman. She’s 100-62-100cm. J-cup and height of 160cm.

Yua Aisaki, Jan 22, 1999. She’s big at 115-63-90cm, J-cup and height is 164cm. Too bad all I can find are these HC pics.

Rikka Inui. I think she’s remarkable in having such a nice figure – it surprises me that her chest measures just 78cm, but the F-cups are so voluptuous. 78-53-78cm, F-cup and height is tallish at 170cm! A rareity she would seem to be . . .

Ever seen a girl who is smoking hot, looks like she is Asian or at least has a touch of Asian in her DNA.

I regularly find girls and get excited at the potential of bringing another winner into the Hallowed Halls only to be disappointed on finding there isn’t a trace of Asian ancestry despite the disreputable sources I check out.

Well I thought that it would be nice to have a repository for those babes that get dismissed on a technicality, albeit one that is central to our ethos.

Riona Misaki. She’s big at 102cm and height of 169cm. She’s a J-cup girl.

Mei Harumi, dob unk. She’s a plentiful 98-73-90cm, I-cup, and height is 148cm. She’s aka Moe Akari.

Edit: dob is Sep 30, 1998.

Meina Shiraishi seems to have little data that is known. The cover says she’s an H-cup. I could have guessed that!


Edit: she’s 92-62-86cm, height 159cm.

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