February 2019

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Yuri Sakura, also Juri, Jyuri, etc. DOB April 7, 1992. She’s a generous 90-60-89cm, and height is 152cm. It’s hard to get a sense of her petite height – haven’t seen any pics with something comparable.

Madoka Nagisa, data unknown. She looks to be a perky sparkplug . .

This one is hard as the image was from a Yahoo group so doesn’t seem to work in image search for me and add to that you can’t really see her face

Hinata Suzumori, data unknown. She must be a dancer, the way she can do the splits.

Karin Miura, June 9, 1992. She’s 90-57-85cm and an H-cup. Height is 155cm. There’s something hypnotic about her eyes.

Nana Kawase, May 25, 1992. She’s a darling petite girl, and appears to be a natural 88-58-89cm. An F-cup, her height is 150cm.

Marie Kimura, data unknown. She’s a fitness girl to be sure. Not to be confused with another girl with the same name.

Rena Tachibana, b.1994. She’s a surprising 88-57-86cm and an F-cup. Her height is tallish at 168cm.

Yui Tomita, Nov 30, 1997. She’s 85-58-90cm, E-cup and height is 157cm. Although it can be seen that she’s not a natural girl, at least she hasn’t overdone it(IMHO).

Rei Sasaki, Nov 30, 1998. Her breasts seem a little unusual in that they’re broader than most. I guess that’s the way she’s built at 84-57-88cm, F-cup and height is 160cm.

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