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Kotone Kuroki, July 30, 1972. She got into the AV business when she was over 40! A body like that I can hardly believe it. Even her face has resisted aging. She’s a firm 95-59-89cm, G-cup and height 160cm.

She’s aka :

Ai Matsuyama – 松山愛, Haruka Aizawa- 逢沢はるか, and Saki Nakayama. Doing an AS search, I found Kotone with an alias where it was misspelled Nakaykyama. But opening the page I didn’t find it – strange..

Rina Okazawa, july 7, 1996. She’s a breasty 98-59-92cm, H-cup. Somewhat of a puzzler, I can’t find more than a single reference to her pics here. She’s not the other Okazawa, and not Rina Okamoto. She’s as big as Kirari Hoshina, but the dob’s don’t match.

I guess I’ll have to settle for enjoyment….

Mei Matsumoto, Nov 3, 1993. She’s an eye-opening 90-59-86cm, G-cup and height 153cm. She’s featured in the AS blog here.

Maybe she’s of mixed heritage, as she’s aka Laura Matsumoto and Ran Nakazawa.

Ichika Hoshimiya, June 28, 1998. She’s a firm 85-59-89cm, D-cup and height 168cm. Her eyes can be hypnotic….

She goes by the single name, Koharu, dob June 21, 1984. She’s 90-59-83cm, G-cup and height 156cm.

Azumi Harusaki, July 8, 1986. She’s a pretty 89-60-84cm, F-cup and height 159cm. She was featured in the AS blog here, almost 9 years ago.

Airi Takasaka, data unknown. But she’s got a dynamite hourglass figure, plus a very attractive face…

Mayu Okino. She’s a tasty 88-60-87cm, F-cup and height 158cm.

Mei Hata, June 30, 1999. She’s a natural 85-58-87cm, D-cup and height 159cm. She’s another skinny girl with a nice smile…

Yuria Ohara. She’s got some broad implants at 88-55-83cm and height 158cm. She is really skinny with her ribs sticking out…

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