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Hi.. Anyone knows what’s her name and code?

If you say something wrong to Bi Nguyen, she’ll respond by ripping you a new asshole. She was born in Vietnam and moved to California at a young age. At 21, Bi learned Muay Thai which then led to an interest in MMA fighting. She made her amateur debut in 2014 and went full pro in 2016. Her MMA fans call her “Killer Bee”. Nowdays, Bi fights mainly in the ONE Championship promotion company. When she’s not fighting, Bi teaches at the Savarese Fight Fit in Houston and also does some occasional modeling.


Katrina Law aka Joyce Houseknecht is an American actress with Taiwanese, Italian, and German heritage. She’s been in over a dozen movies and two dozen TV shows. Katrina’s big roles were in two Spartacus series, Arrow, Training Day, The Oath, Hawaii Five-0, and presently on NCIS. In 1995, she was selected as Miss New Jersey Teen USA (named Joyce Houseknecht at that time).

Anna is a delightful artistic fashion/nude model living in Sydney.
She has featured before on Sirens.
For those who enjoyed the article posting and sample photos by Romanticwarrior, here is some additional information about Anna and also some new photos. If you are travelling to Australia and visiting Sydney, you can book Anna for a photography or video session exploring a theme of your choice.

Here physical appearance is characterised by:

Ø Gorgeous smile
Ø Slim and athletic physique
Ø No tattoos
Ø Fully Lasered / Hair Free
Ø No significant piercings.

Anna enjoys a diverse range of photographic assignments. She is very confident and vibrant in front of photographers.

I am confident and vibrant in front of a camera.

She is also super professional and charges reasonable booking rates as shown below:

Ø Lifestyle and Portrait Themes (clothed): AU$100 per hour. Minimum two hours booking.
Ø Life Nude Drawing (no photography): AU$60 per hour. Minimum two hours booking.
Ø Artist Nude Themes (non-erotic): AU$150 an hour or above depending upon the concept.
Ø Specialised Artistic Themes – for example, body painting, etc.

Here is a link to some of her media sites:

From my own experience touring my recent tour to Australia, she proved to me an brilliant model full of confidence, charm and a lustful smile.


Mika Nagano (長野美香) will whip your ass. She was born in Gifu, Japan, and started wrestling around 9 years of age. In high school she ranked 2nd in the nation. Mika started mixed martial arts after college and debuted in 2007. Two years later, she added professional wrestling to her repertoire. Mika got married in 2013, announced her retirement in early 2014, and had a baby later that year. She stayed in shape, though, and in 2016 she returned to MMA fighting mainly with the Deep Jewels circuit and has been fighting ever since.

Social media:
Twitter: @mikanaganodai or
Instagram: mika_nagano_core or

Nwe Nwe Htun (နွယ်နွယ်ထွန်း) aka Nwe Nwe Tun is a photo and fashion model from Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). She likes to swim, cook, and listen to music.
Here’s a video of her cooking up something good:

Kaoru Hayabusa is an Asian-Canadian model from Vancouver, British Columbia. She is an outdoors enthusiast who likes hiking and snowshoeing. Kaoru has some really powerful legs, as we can see here.

Nini Ng is a model from Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam.

Mia Salen aka Mia Mali is a glamour model from Richmond, Virginia. She is a 5’ (1.5 m) tall curvy bombshell with both Filipino and Irish genetics. Mia is also a web designer and a maker of sock monkeys. Seriously!