October 2019

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Kana Wakaba, b 1985. She’s a perky, natural girl at 86-57-88cm, E-cup and height 158cm. You’d never guess she was over 30.

Rie Takeuchi, data unk. She’s kept an excellent figure even though she’s getting on in years.

Makotp Oda, b 1983. She’s a modest 86-59-86cm, D-cup and height 158cm.

Mai Kamisaki; b. 1986. She’s a twig of a girl at 80-53-80cm, D-cup and height 160cm.

Utaha Tsukishiro; she’s a petite cutie, but maintains her roundnesses.

Yukari Izaki; data unk. She’s still got a modest but supple figure,,

Keiko Shiratori, don’t confuse her with the same-named girl born in 1971. This girl is physically fit….

Ao Mayuzumi; Jan 8, 1986. she’s 85-58-82cm, E-cup and height 156cm. She’s got a certain subtle classiness, sort of in the vein of Shoko Goto.

Yukari Suma. She’s built solidly at 105-80-93cm and H-cup. A diligent office lady….

Akane Sashihara; she’s a sweet 90-56-85cm, H-cup and height 155cm.

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