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Luke first posted Kiko Mizuhara (水原 希子) here on Asian Sirens way back in 2013 (link). I wanted to add some recent pics of her, along with a video clip. Like most of our Sirens, and Asians in general, Kiko ages only about two years per decade.

Eol-Yeong Kang (강어령) aka ER Kang is a South Korean model who did a layout in The End Magazine, a sample seen here.

Korea’s Women Volleyball is almost as (in)famous as KPop, with some beauties, characters and stories.

First the twin sisters Lee Da-yeong (|이다영) and Lee Jae-young (이재영). Inseparable in club and the national team until they were dropped by both after a bullying scandal. Apparently they were not ideal schoolmates. Even Lee Da-yeong’s husband complained about being bullied in a messy divorce (“Why don’t you just die?” she allegedly told him). But their funny dance needs to be seen.

Then Kim Yeon-koung (김연경), another super star, who is also teasing her opponents and famous for her Ting Ting Tang Tang Tang dance on court.

And now we have Lee Jae-yeong on record saying that Kim Yeon-koung was always swearing at her sister Lee Da-yeong…

I hope my fellow Sirens fans forgive me for bending the rules a bit. Willow Allen is an Inuvialuit model from Inuvik, part of Canada’s Northwest Territories. Obviously Canada is not in Asia, but Willow’s facial features tell me she is likely a descendant of the peoples who crossed the Bering Land Bridge all those millennia ago.
It’s known to get bitterly cold up there, yet Willow’s beauty is enough to warm any man’s heart.

Found in a random Facebook post.

Margaret Lee aka China Lee is an Asian-American model and actress of Chinese descent. She was born in New Orleans in 1942 and was the first Asian-American Playboy Playmate of the Month way back in 1964. Margaret’s acting credits include 10 movies and TV shows.

Jun Kasui (香水じゅん) (かすい じゅん) is a Japanese AV actress and internet personality. She’s on Instagram, YouTube, and all the usual suspects. Jun was born in March of 2001.

Chloe Kim aka Seon Kim (김선) is a Korean-American snowboarder from California. She started snowboarding at the age of four. So far, Chloe has won 14 medals (12 gold, 1 silver, and 1 bronze) in major competitions, including both the 2018 and 2022 Winter Olympics. Check out her powerful snowboarding legs:

Lin Li (林莉) is a Chinese model and ballet dancer.

For me, part of the allure of any siren is to imagine them as a significant other, as opposed to just a roll in the hay. Unfortunately, this is sometimes a struggle, even with the most beautiful of the sirens I find here. Without naming names, a fair few of the women who grace these pages seem as though, outside of the bedroom, they’d be intensely dull people. So I propose a new category of Siren, one that combines beauty and brains. I know that some posted sirens already do. But there is no easy way to focus on that subset. I can find women by country of origin, the amount of clothing they wear, and their profession. But I think it’d be cool if there were tags for those with graduate degrees or professional chops beyond “entrepreneur”. Into those halls might go folks like Nahre Sol, Luna Lee, Dami Lee and many others who may not put themselves out there as hotties because they’re too busy being awesome in other ways. Just a thought.

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