Korean Volleyball

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    Korea’s Women Volleyball is almost as (in)famous as KPop, with some beauties, characters and stories.

    First the twin sisters Lee Da-yeong (|이다영) and Lee Jae-young (이재영). Inseparable in club and the national team until they were dropped by both after a bullying scandal. Apparently they were not ideal schoolmates. Even Lee Da-yeong’s husband complained about being bullied in a messy divorce (“Why don’t you just die?” she allegedly told him). But their funny dance needs to be seen.

    Then Kim Yeon-koung (김연경), another super star, who is also teasing her opponents and famous for her Ting Ting Tang Tang Tang dance on court.

    And now we have Lee Jae-yeong on record saying that Kim Yeon-koung was always swearing at her sister Lee Da-yeong…


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