January 2022

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Dear Fellow Forum Members,

do you possibly know the full name of a model and actress, first name Karin, that performed in Shibari / Nude Rope Bondage videos the year 1998?

I am looking for a Japanese sounding surname, family name.

This model had a shorter, well above shoulder length bobbed hairstyle. She was said to be 27 yearsof age, but might have been in her early 30′s. A slender bodystyle, modestly chested.

This model had a slight semi-European look, face-wise. A guess is her mother was a lady of European descendence and her father a Japanese gentleman. However, that is very unsure info.

If you know of any Karin, that seems sound fit that description of bobbed hairstyle and performing in full nude bondage videos of that era, then pls kindly post in thread. Thanks a lot for any input.