November 2019

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Yoshi Shirasaka; she’s an adorable 85-59-88cm and E-cup.

Narumi Nakayama, data unknown. But whatever her age, her body is ageless and smooth mounded….

Again Mei Lin butt….what you think???… I know jv50 like it

Shizuka Nakamura, b.1988; Height 163cm. She’s been a member of a couple “girl-groups”, and several tv appearances.

Although she hasn’t posed nude, the last 3 pics of this thread come mighty close.

Yuki Poyo, b. Oct 23, 1996. Height 158cm. Very attractive..

Honoka Tsujii; b.1996; she’s an eye popping 96-60-88, H-cup and height 172cm.

Ami Inamura, Jan 13, 1996; She’s a gravure model and a TV sportscaster. She looks fit enoiugh to play, even on the pitcher’s mound. Mounds…she’s 173cm tall, and she even won the Miss iD Quasi Grand Prix.

Yuno Ohara, Oct 8, 1999. She’s done a handful of movies and TV series.

Sena Natsuki, May 30, 1996; she’s 89-58-89cm, G-cup and height 172cm.

Ayako Inokuchi; Mar-24-97; height 160cm.

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