December 2016

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Roza Tanaka , July 7, 1969, 96-59-86cm, T161cm.

An all-time favorite, she’s sometimes spelled as Rosa.
One source lists an alias as Risa Takigawa.

Nao Oikawa , April 21, 1981, 86D-56-87cm, T161cm.

Hitomi Yuki , Aug 31, 1973, 83-58-88cm, T160cm.

Anyone know the ID of this woman:

Face is ok, but what a banging body and she knows how to move it.

Honey Morimura , July 7, 1979, 93-59-88cm, T156cm.

What an appropriate name for her . . .

Asuka Morimura , May 16, 1968, 82-60-85cm, T153cm.

Maiko Yuki , Jan 30, 1977, 84-58-85cm, T158cm.

Yoshimi Yokosuka (横須賀よしみ)

Profession: Actress, Singer
Date of birth: 25 Aug, 1962
Birthplace: Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture
Height: 170cm
Measurement: B-86, W-60, H-90
Blood type: B

Akemi Horiuchi is a japanese av idol born in Tokyo on 1 1 1992. Her blood type is B, and she is 162 cm tall, Akemi’s body measurements are: Bust: 85 cm, Waist: 58 cm and Hips: 86 cm.


Miyuki Shoji , Jan 8, 1970, 93-58-85cm, T168cm.

How surprised I am not to find Miyuki Shoji posted in the blog. I searched inside and outside of AS, and tried different spellings, but no find. So here she is in her mesmirizing splendor.

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