March 2019

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Kumi Nagano, Feb 28, 1994. She’s a smiling 86-60-85cm, E-cup and height 154cm.

Asuka Takao, Aug 1 1993. She’s an exciting 96-58-86cm, H-cup and height 155cm.

Erika Megu, June 22, 1993. She’s 87-57-86cm, E-cup and height 160cm. These first pics are from her video, “Real Doll”, in which she acts like a doll. Toward the end, when she gets penetrated, she seems to slip out of the doll role.

Rion Ichijo, Jun 9, 1994. Another girl named “Rion” and she’s 85-58-85cm, E-cup and height 160cm. She’s not big-boobed, but she looks like a lot of fun. Probably high maintenance…

Minami Hatsukawa, Jan 19, 1995. She’s very nicely proportioned at 86-59-88cm, D-cup and height is 156cm.

The box cover says it’s her first orgasm, which I guess is up to the viewer to decide.

Yua Takanashi, data unknown. But she’s got quite a chest….

Akinai Nakamori. She’s a gracious 88-58-88cm and height 168cm.

Mayu Manabe. Data is unknown, but she’s really slim. The box cover says she ran the 3000m at 9:36:67, just a bit off the world record.

Kokoro Tokiwa, b.1992. She’s very skinny at 83-56-84cm. It makes her look taller than the actual 153cm.

Rinka Kojima, data unknown. Some of her videos may dwell on her armpits, but aside from that she’s a cutie…

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