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Michiru Sakura, April 13, 1976. Her implants result in a bullet-proof figure at 94-58-82, F-cup and T167cm. She did her work in her early 30′s and then retired. She’s aka Junko Natori, Kotomi Umeda, and
Saeko Yukimi.

Kanon Momojiri is a japanese av idol born in Shiga on 7 7 1998. Her blood type is B, and she is 154 cm tall, Kanon’s body measurements are: Bust: 83 cm, Waist: 57 cm and Hips: 83 cm.


Miku Akari; her numbers may not be impressive, but her pics are. She’s 88-55-83, G-cup and T167cm.

She goes by the single name, Mizuho, which doesn’t help when searching, since there are various Mizuho’s. Born Nov 11, 1981, she’s medium-sized at 85-60-86cm, and T158cm. She’s a D-cup, but her breasts seem to be floppier than one would expect . . . all the more to enjoy. .

Mirina Yoshikawa is a japanese av idol born on 0 0 1997. , and she is 157 cm tall, Mirina’s body measurements are: Bust: 83 cm, Waist: 57 cm and Hips: 85 cm.


Momoka Yamada, Mar 21, 1991; she’s a generous 110-60-89cm, and some publishers have her at 112cm. She’s not glamourous, just a girl you’d find next door.

please anyone know who she is..been looking at bangbros sites but found nothing

Mineko Aya; she’s mature, but her body has defied aging – her breasts and body look like a 20-year old. Only her face betrays her maturity.

Minami Ayase, May 2, 1992; she’s a surprising 111-60-88cm, J-cup and T156cm.

Minami Kitagawa, July 7, 1977, 90-59-93, G-cup and T153cm. The coloration of her aerolae and her tattoo are definite turnons.

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