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Monique Asai Blanchard aka Monique Jacqueline aka Monique Blanchard is an Asian American of Japanese and Caucasian descent. Monique is a model, actress, director, and writer. She has 16 acting credits on IMDB and has directed and starred in the TV show Character Flaws. Monique can be seen modeling in various print campaigns and commercials. In 2014, she was featured in Playboy. Monique is also a competitive swimmer and has won various awards in Water Polo at both the college and high school levels.

Her home page:

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Ai Maehara is a JAV model from Japan. She was born on October 10, 1984 in Aichi, Japan. She is still actively modeling. She has natural boobs, Cup G. Bra is 40g. Her waist is 25, Hip 37 and her height is 167cm (5 ft. 5 in). She has brown hair and eyes with no piercings and no tattoos. Her shoe size is 42 eu.

Found these on an old hard drive. Some marked Wang En Su and others marked Wang En Tsu.
I was able to get the first two symbols from the photographs by using Google Translate. I individually entered each of the romanized names Wang and En to get 王恩 , but that third symbol eluded me.
These pics are so old, I don’t know if finding her name in any language will help.

Cherie Roberts aka Kitana Jade has a genetic makeup of Vietnamese, Chinese, Irish, British, French, and German! This fine combination has made her a beautiful model. She has posed for bikini calendars, modeled for Playboy, and toured with Hot Import Nights (an auto show). She also can be seen in the video game Street Racing Syndicate. Cherie was an early entrepreneur with creating and maintaining her own websites and became quite popular in early social networking sites. Ms. Roberts eventually caught the camera bug herself and now is a successful photographer whose clients include: Danny McBride, Jessica Chobot, Taryn Manning, and the musical bands My Chemical Romance and Jimmy Eat World.

Her photography work can be seen here:

Bio sources:

I cannot find anything about Donna Lieu from

Sonoya Mizuno is an actress, model, and ballet dancer. Her heritage is Japanese, Argentinian, and English. She studied and trained at the Royal Ballet Company in London. Sonoya has performed on stage with prominent ballet companies such as Semperoper Ballet in Dresden, and Ballet Ireland of Dublin. Her movie credits include Ex-Machina and Crazy Rich Asians. On television, Sonoya has starring roles as Lily Chan on Devs, and as Mysaria on House of the Dragon.

The first four photographs were shot by Lena C. Emery.

Juki Lee is an Asian model from way back. I remember waiting forever for her pictures to load on my Pentium 1 – 56K modem computer. Quite often the anticipation would get to me and before the pic was halfway rendered, I was already reaching for the Kleenex box.

Mandi Miami is an American model and porn star. She has Filipino, Spanish, and African heritage. Mandi has a great smile and fantastic hips! Her short stint in the industry produced only six videos, according to IAFD.

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Crystal AI is a model in the New York and Boston areas. Her shoots involve fashion, lingerie, partial nude, and implied nude.