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    Dhing and I were married for 44 years before her passing in 2019. She was a farm girl from the island of Leyte, Philippines. Just 4’8″ tall, she weighed all of 87 lbs when we got married.

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    She was so cute

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    I’m sorry for your loss. I’ve been married to my Filipina for 34 years (she’d kill me if I posted a picture of her here — hell, she’d kill me just for being here ;)

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    My condolenses on your loss…She looked like a real keeper. Good for both of you for staying together for as long as you did. My Filipina ex was awesome….together for 18 years, but alas we split up. I still miss her 3 years on…best woman I ever knew…A strong Filipina woman is good in many ways, but never cross them.

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