Unknown Model in 80s Italian Liquor Ads

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    I put this topic here because I don’t know where else to put it…
    Basically there’s this Italian aperitif, that still exists, that claimed to be made with “Oriental herbs” (mostly rhubarb) and used a drawing of a Chinese/Asian girl in the shape of a Z (the producer Zucca’s initial) for their ads.
    In the mid-late 80s they decided to revamp this campaign and used an unknown Asian model for some shoots that they used for a while. Nothing is known about her and they didn’t attempt this stunt again; research show that they used a girl of color in the early 2000s but I wasn’t able to find it, certainly they didn’t use any Asian girls again (maybe because of the politically correct?).
    She might be a bit stereotypical but I like her for that typical 80s appearance, legwarmers and all.

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    She’s Nora Ariffin a Singaporean fashion model.

    She has appeared in campaigns for CoverGirl, alongside models including Rachel Hunter and Nikki Taylor, Lacoste, L’Oréal, and Chanel’s Allure fragrance. Ariffin has also been featured in editorials for Vogue Paris and Italian Harper’s Bazaar and graced the cover of Italian Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire (Singapore, Malaysia). Ariffin has worked with photographers including Guy Bourdin, Herb Ritts, and Gilles Bensimon. Cit. wiki.

    those were the times of the “Milano da bere”
    If you see the TV commercial the mountains are near Brescia not in China.

    p.s. liquor sucks

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    Well thanks for solving this mystery after so many years! I had no idea, did not know about her and genuinely thought she was Chinese as the ads implied.
    As you say she probably was a model in Italy at the time since one of the very few films she starred in, in the late 80s, was a thriller set in the world of fashion modeling.
    Thank you!

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