Ana Liu

This is Aana.

Born in Seville, Spain, Ana speaks Spanish, French and English. I guess there was no motivation to throw a little Chinese in there. She’s also a student at the University of Seville and, as is abundantly evident, a fitness lover. Now, if the brethren will indulge me.

Completely apart from all that but attached to Ana is a magnificent ass. Let me be clear, I cast not any aspersions on Miss Ana butt this is related to something I spoke to in years past – Chinese women with glorious glutes (1, 2). I implored the brethren and anyone else who would listen to get their wives and girlfriends to work on their butts if for no other reason than love of country, so ass to stem the tide (or at least flatten the curve) before the cheeks of the Chinese overwhelmed us like a… virus. Whether it’s just a natural evolution or because The State sanctions it or because there’s something funny going on in a bio lab beyond messing around with bats, I am consistently seeing Chinese women with beautiful butts that beguile me, butt not to the point that I don’t see that we are being outclassed (or outassed) here in the west. Wake up all ye who doubt me! Remember this as future Chinese sirens are posted! The Chinese cheeks are on the march!




  1. Avatar of Seems

    Her looks are a little severe for me, but that is one magnificent derriere!

  2. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Holy glutimas maximus!

  3. Stephen R Puckett’s avatar

    Very lovely lady, nudes would be much appreciated though…beggars can’t be choosers :D

  4. Avatar of ProfAbe

    That is a hall of fame booty. Her best angle, too.