Ariana Sayani (arianasayani)

Ariana is not for me personally, but I’m sure one of our humble readers will think “hubba hubba”,

Very little info wise, Ariana is, if you haven’t already guessed, of Indian extraction and is from Canada. Some of the photos have had magic dust sprinkled on them to make this look smaller and that look bigger. Considering her body type that seems more needless than usual. More photos on her Instagram and Onlyfans.



  1. Avatar of redlaw

    If you have nothing nice to say… I love onion rings.

  2. Avatar of Seems

    Not my cup of tea.

  3. Avatar of adcmelb

    This site has had way better – fat fat fat :( :( :(

  4. Avatar of PerthMike

    A little on the larger size for my taste but I’d still like to see her puppies ‘wild and free’ ;)

  5. Avatar of arf

    Im most likely not her type, but I know dang well in person I absolutely would not be able to resist rubber necking and gawking a little. maybe a lot as well as a little drool. especially the way she looks in the first pic as long as her butt doesn’t look anything like niki minaj’s fake one

  6. Stephen R Puckett’s avatar

    very thick, extremely photoshopped indian lady

  7. Ricco’s avatar

    Not what I look for, I wouldn’t complain if she turned up.

  8. Avatar of wingsfan19


    Not my H cup of tea.