Lana Condor

Luke did Lana back in 2015, but LovesAsianTits has requested another go’round.

Okay. Lana Therese Condor (born Tran Dong Lan, 1997/5/11) is a Vietnamese American actress and dancer. Born in Vietnam, she was adopted by American parents at about five months of age. She studied ballet as a child with some noted dance groups, and later trained in improvisational theater with the well-known The Groundlings group. She studied acting at the New York film Academy and Yale among others, and graduated from Notre Dame in 2015. Although 5 years is usually a bit too recent for another feature, LAT requested this post as he felt more mature photos had come out. Here you go.



  1. Ricco’s avatar

    She’s a pocket rocket. Her features seem to be of vietnamese people in the tribal regions. It works for her.

  2. Stephen R Puckett’s avatar

    How in the hell did she graduate from Notre Dame @ 17 years old ? Perhaps it was Notre Dame High School ? I love her very much.

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    Thanks for humoring me. I now shall be forever known as LAT! Haha.

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    I believe the operative word here is cute, with a side of sexy.