Faa Utami (tamifaa_)

Forget about the Do-Re-Mi, and go straight for the Faa.

Faa stresses on her Instagram that she’s a surfer, not a model. I don’t remember seeing any surfboards amongst the photos, but if that’s how she wants it… Faa is located in Bali and, if you can believe it, is a mother of three. Maybe all that surfing is what keeps her fit. The only hitch in the gittyup is that blonde hair. We feel confident we could work around it. Her Instagram seems to be down at the moment, but her Onlyfans is still up.



  1. Avatar of Seems

    I like her as a change of pace posting but, despite her great physique, she doesn’t really grab me. I would probably like her more without the blonde hair.

  2. Avatar of arf

    Very Nice yes. I like her very much so. no complaints whatsoever again.

  3. Avatar of Seoul.Music

    I like her, I like her blonde hair.

  4. Avatar of smellykev

    I could probably tolerate the blonde hair. Hopefully however the carpet doesn’t match the curtains

  5. Avatar of DeepSky


    I like the blond hair, and hopefully there isn’t any carpet to match. 8)

  6. Staffy’s avatar

    She has a great body, I could overlook everything else.

  7. Avatar of MaJieMao

    She is different than most the girls here, which is interesting at least.

  8. Avatar of Mkick


  9. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Not especially pretty, but I love her trim and petite upper body. The Photoshop slimming in some pics makes it look a bit absurd though.

  10. Avatar of wingsfan19

    “The Photoshop slimming in some pics makes it look a bit absurd though.”

    This. I’m quite confident she doesn’t need the slimming, so why do it?