Jo Anna

Here we have Jo Anna from Canada.

An attractive woman and apparently, from her Instagram photos, having a successful modeling career, there is no other information on Jo. I seem to remember I saw somewhere that she’s Taiwanese, but was unable to recall where. I guess we’ll go with it anyway.. While she doesn’t cause me personally to burst from an ember to a flame, there’s no denying she’s a good-looking woman.



  1. Avatar of Seems

    She had me with that smile in the lead pic. Absolutely radiant and sexy. I’ll even overlook that she seem to be a Yankees fan! Otherwise she’s just lovely!

  2. Avatar of PerthMike

    Ms Jo Anna is such a delight to the eyes.
    A truly scrumptious young lady :)

  3. Avatar of ChickenEssence

    I’d take that shopping cart with her inside. I hope I don’t have to pay for her … :!: :?: :!: :?: :roll:

  4. Avatar of wingsfan19


    Oh, you’d pay one way or the other.

    My flame is ignited!

  5. Avatar of ProfAbe

    Love her look and style. Natural beauty.