Wang Qiang

Qiang is a veteran tennis player trying to climb the ranks.

I usually don’t root against my countrymen or women, but I did in Qiang‘s match against Serena Williams at the ongoing Australian Open. I do like underdogs and upsets and don’t like poor sportsmanship and excuses. Serena Williams, great athlete, poor sportswoman. When Qiang played perhaps the best match of her career I was pleased. Good for her.

Qiang (born 1992/1/24) turned pro back in 2006. Pretty tall for a Chinese girl at 5’8″ (172cm), she’s been playing from around the middle of the pack for most of her career. She has won about 61% of her matches, and is currently ranked 29th in the world (before her win over Serena). She’ll have played her fourth round match late Saturday night. You can check back here to see if she won if you’d like. Cute girl.

*Qiang lost in straight sets 7-6 6-1 but she’ll always have that 3rd round match against Serena!



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    I’ll have to agree with everyone – she’s a cute young woman. 8)

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    Tennis, anyone?

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    Everybody Wang Qiang tonight!

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    Cute young lady there. *insert tennis double entendre here* :P My now fourth favorite tennis player (#1: Serena Williams by a VERY slim margin, #2: Venus Williams and #3: Naomi Osaka)