Trying to chase down info on some of these Indonesian models can bring the onset of early carpal tunnel syndrome.

The trail turned pretty cold after her Instagram account (which has disappeared). The quite chameleon-like freelance model Emmily, AKA Eme, hails from Jakarta and would like to own her own agency one day. I think she’s quite attractive but, like so many of the Indonesian models, you have to work your way around the colored contacts, the eyebrows and the overworked eye make-up. I generally prefer au naturel myself.

Age: 25
Height: 5’4″ (165cm)
Weight: 99lbs (45kg)
Bust: 32B (81cm)



  1. Avatar of Luke

    I do believe there’s an attractive model under there although I’m not sure I’d feel comfortable putting my old fella into the Medusa’s mouth.

  2. Steve Puckett’s avatar

    Catapillar eeyebrows, wayyyy tooo much weird eye make up, colored contact lenses, some photo shopping to increase eye size, ill fitting little push up bras. There are two excellent photos showcasing the beauty of this young lady…kneeling on a bed followed by wearing a kimono and holding a fan.

  3. Avatar of Seems

    Most of her “looks” just aren’t very appealing, but, in the more natural shots she’s pretty damned attractive. She has a tight little bod and a nice ass. The shot of her kneeling on the bed is fabulous.

  4. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    The eyes on so many of these Indonesian models seems almost de rigueur. I think (to my sensibilities) it really takes away from them. The less, or at least more natural the make-up, including Ms. Emmily, the better.

  5. Avatar of wingsfan19

    A smile would be nice.