OnlyFans Ripped Me Off, But I’m Back!


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I’m Geisha Mika. The first and only true geisha in Australia, as well as escort, dominatrix, tantra/Kama Sutra instructor, sex therapist and shiatsu masseuse.

After OnlyFans banned my account without warning (read the full story after the jump), I took some time to carefully consider my next move. After thoroughly exploring all the available options, I decided to go with OF’s main competitor, Fansly. I found their feature set and support to be far superior to OnlyFans, and they have been very reliable, so I am now confident to promote my new page.

2023/10/30 update: I’ve just posted a new intro video!  

On May the 1st, at the exact same minute, I received two notifications from OnlyFans: that my first payout of around $500 had failed, and that my account had been banned due to a breach of their ToS. There was no explanation of what the breach was, and I had absolutely no warning of this whatsoever. I repeatedly asked their support what the breach was, but they flat out refused to tell me! The only thing they did tell me was that my account could not be recovered, and that my earnings had been returned to my fans. But I knew this was completely false, so I decided to explore the possibility of legal action.

After contacting their legal department, they finally told me that having my link tree on my profile was a breach of their ToS, even though every girl has one, and they had previously approved this! They also said that they would be returning my earnings to my fans, even though their support told me that they already had! What their support said was completely false however, yet it seems my threat of legal action did actually prompt them to return my earnings to my fans after that. But as this meant I could no longer easily prove they stole my earnings, I decided that the cost of further legal action wasn’t worth it.

So now I am on Fansly! In addition to the PPV I offered on OnlyFans, I am also offering subscriptions, with a 50% discount for three months—it’s your choice! I have lots of exciting stuff coming, including two more posts for Halloween this month (I’ve posted one already). If you supported me on OnlyFans before—or if you haven’t until now—I hope you can help me to recover my lost earnings, and have some fun at the same time. :)











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    I’ve just put up a fun new Halloween post for you—I hope you like it. :) Because of the support of my wonderful fans, I have just reached the top 2.5% of Fansly! 8O Thank you so much. :D

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    I have a really fun and exciting new post for you for Halloween—it’s my raciest post yet! I hope you like it :)

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    I have just put up a naughty and seductive new post—this one’s very personal. I hope you like it. :)

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    I just put up another fun and naughty computer related post, this time a video. :)

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    I just put up a very stylish and sexy new post—cat woman! I hope you like it. :)