Shanny Lam

What do you get when you combine an empanada with Jasmine rice?I don’t know, but if it looks like Shanny I’m going back for seconds.

Born in Venezuela to Chinese parents and living in the Dominican Republic until going to study nursing at the University of California, Shanny has been around for a while and seems to be fairly well-known, especially on Instagram where she has about 1.4 million followers. There’s something kind of sexy about a buxom Chinese woman hitting you with some Espanol. Is it possible that Shanny has had some ‘help’ up top? What about that bottom? Could those Chinese genes have morphed in just a generation or so? Is it the food? Enquiring minds want to know!

DOB: 1988/5/15
Height: 5’3″ (164cm)
Weight: 114lbs (52kg)
Measurements: 37-23-40″ (93-60-101cm)





  1. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    I’m not normally into bottom heavy girls, but she’s very sexy indeed.

  2. ThorZien’s avatar

    It must be something in the water. A Chinese babe with T&A… Never seen it before.

  3. MellowedBlue76’s avatar

    I’m pretty sure she had “help” both with her top and back

  4. Avatar of Luke

    It’s an impressive body either way

  5. Liem huynh’s avatar

    She’s fake as a 2 dollar bill .
    Even with all the enhancements, she’s nothing special.

  6. boris the bug’s avatar

    More morphing please

  7. Avatar of DeepSky

    I’m a little late to the party for Shanny, but I have to say she is one sexy lady. Whether there’s been a little body work done or not, I think she look spectacular!

  8. Avatar of LoveAsianTits

    Implants or not, you can’t fake those curves. How do they do it in South America?!