Vi Ho

Vi was first spotted by a photographer on MySpace.

That started the ball rolling. Now, Vi is an Instagram star with over 60,000 followers. Born in Vietnam and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Vi is best known for modeling swimwear and lingerie from her photo shoots. A quite attractive woman.

Age: 25
Height: 5’3″ (152cm)
Weight: 115lbs (52kg)
Measurements: 32-24-33″ (81-61-83cm)





  1. Avatar of Seems

    She has a great rear end, but her surgeon did her no favors.

  2. marc’s avatar

    Sorry, those implants are criminally bad.

  3. Avatar of Sugarbushmadman

    She is a very pretty woman and she has a great figure. She does look very nice in all of her fashions. The bolt on breast are a little over the top.

  4. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Maybe not the prettiest (at least by Viet standards), but very, very sexy.


    People state your opinion in a more respectful manner—people seem to forget their manners when it comes to breast implants.

  5. gunnar’s avatar

    Dr. Lee,

    maybe, but these implants were indeed poorly done…

  6. Avatar of QuantumForce

    Great nipples. Too bad about the boobs to which they’re attached, though. :(

  7. Bulaga’s avatar

    I don’t mind her breasts. For me it is her face. It just seams to not match her body. But, really some photos she looks cute, then some photos she looks so stern.

  8. Avatar of DeepSky

    I like her a lot! Firm, toned, body. She’s very sexy, and the enhancements really add to the over all package.

  9. Avatar of Luke

    She is a very sexy lady and that is indeed an arse to die for :D

  10. Liem huynh’s avatar

    Nice body, face is average..her look is all over the place. That’s probably due to make up, photography, lighting. Boob job is below standard.

  11. Avatar of LoveAsianTits

    MySpace? What Year is it?!

    I love her tiny nipples!!

  12. Benjamin’s avatar

    Wow! Vi is a gorgeous girl, she also has a HOT BODY!