Jessica Yu Li Henwick

Judging from the bruises she picked up in her latest role, Jessica is definitely dedicated to her craft.

Jessica is a 24-year old British-born actress and the first actress of East Asian descent to play the lead role in a British TV series. The daughter of a Singaporean Chinese mother and Zambian English father, she started her professional acting career in 2009 and is definitely on an upward trend, having roles in, among other things, the popular Game of Thrones series, Star Wars: the Force Awakens, and more recently Iron Fist. IMHO, Jessica looks better in motion than in photos. I wasn’t too sure about her gig in Iron Fist at first, but after watching the series I’m a fan.


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  1. Avatar of Luke

    Who did she play in GOT and Star Wars? I’ve seen both but can’t recall seeing her.

  2. Avatar of Romanticwarrior


    In GoT she’s one of the 3 sisters who are the sand snakes, Indira Varma is her mother. In SW I couldn’t tell you. I’d have walked out on it but we were at 30,000 feet.

  3. Mr. Mermaid’s avatar

    …NOT the one who poisoned the sellsword. She had a fight scene in the Courtyard earlier.

  4. Avatar of QuantumForce

    She was the one female X-Wing pilot (and she actually survived!) in The Force Awakens.

  5. Avatar of Luke



    Thankyou Sirs, I need to pay closer attention.