White Supremacist Asian Sirens?

Like many of us—not just in the US but across the world—I’ve recently been trying to digest the reality and implications of Donald Trump’s presidential election victory. One of the things I’ve been trying to figure out is why so many Americans voted for him, and while researching this, I came across this article. As it shows, the amazing parallels with the rise of Nazi Germany are no exaggeration (this video is even more frightening). I was particularly struck by the photo above, not just because of the Nazi salutes, but because of the instantly recognisable girl on the right of the pic.

Here, at an openly white supremacist party, was an Asian girl—not just present, but openly supporting it and tweeting herself doing the Nazi salute. Now in a previous article, we have universally proclaimed Tila (Tequila) Nguyen to be easily the most f***ed-up Asian siren ever, so it is easy to dismiss this as just one f***ing crazy Vietnamese girl. The only problem is, it isn’t.

I used to follow Angie Vu Ha on Facebook, but I was completely turned off by her gloating about the 2014 GOP congressional victories from her private jet, so I can only assume she supports Trump. And much to my chagrin, I recently found out from Bai Ling‘s Instagram page that she’s a fan of Trump too. The there’s the ultra popular Lebanese porn star Mia Khalifa’s bizarre promise to give all Trump voters a blow job! Plus of course, there’s the well-known anti-immigrant commentator and author of In Defense of Internment: The Case for ‘Racial Profiling’ in World War II and the War on Terror, Michelle Malkin—who is the daughter of Filipino immigrants.

And it isn’t just the open racism of Trump’s campaign; it’s the open sexism as well.

One more thing (although strictly speaking off-topic, but related)—there was a stat from this election that completely blew my mind: 30% of Latinos voted for Trump!

Can any of our readers help me to shed light on the obvious question here: WTF?



  1. Geoff’s avatar

    WTF? What is the question? Why people voted for Trump? Perhaps because he was seen by millions as an alternative to obscene, militant graft and incompetence.

  2. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    No, that is not the question. The question is, why the hell would non-whites not only vote for but strongly support an openly racist, white supremacist candidate?

    Oh yes, I should have mentioned: please keep it civil guys.

  3. Geoff’s avatar

    Perhaps because not everyone (notably non-whites) believes he is “an openly racist, white supremacist?”

    Notably, I didn’t hear this kind of hate when Hussein refused to throw Rev. Wright under the bus. And, after he denounced Farrakhan once he wasn’t asked again.

    I don’t approve of Nazi salutes, but: Do you know where terms like change agent, progressive, self-criticism, diversity, etc. originated (in a political context)? From various Marxist expressions; the subtle is often more insidious than the overt.

    Different rules, it seems.

  4. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    If you can’t recognise the basic fact that Trump ran an openly racist campaign—and is openly supported by white supremacists, including having them on his own campaign team and cabinet—then it simply isn’t possible to have a rational discussion with you on this issue.

  5. Avatar of rahbka

    One of the best observations that I have heard so far…

    Many of Trump’s opponents took him literally, but not seriously.
    On the other hand, many of his supporters have taken him seriously, but not literally.

    I am an American who lives in LA. Two months ago I flew into LAX and took a cab home. My cabbie was black, and we got to talking about the election. He readily volunteered that he was going to vote for Trump. “What!!??” I said. “What about his racism? He has denied that Obama was even born in the US!” I said. The cabbie replied, “Of course he does not really believe any of that. He is no racist. He is just being provocative.” He said he was voting for him to “shake things up.”

    I should say I am appalled (and was shocked) that Trump was elected.

    In regard to the white supremacist, Neo-Nazi folks… Note that Trump’s favorite child (his beloved Ivanka) is married to an Orthodox Jew whose grandparents were Holocaust survivors. She converted to Judaism.

    I am ashamed that the guy won, but the racism stuff is not that straightforward.

  6. Geoff’s avatar

    A predictable liberal response; disagreement = end of dialogue. I have a Ph.D., 3 MAs and a BA. I saw NOTHING racist in his campaign and those who did smeared him that way. THIS is how libs argue: ignore issues and attack the person. Enforcing immigration law is racist? Enforcing narcotics laws is racist? Making comments about women is sexist? By using words like sexist, racist, homophobe we effectively stop communicating which, I suppose, is exactly what you’re doing. The next time you ask a question perhaps you should be prepared to get an answer, no matter how disagreeable that answer may be. Suggestion: lets stick to women and ignore politics. You obviously have drunk entirely too much Kool-Aid (now, after telling me I am effectively stupid, be sure to upbraid me for my lack of civility).

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    Not American but I bet $100 back in May 2016 that DT would win – I dont see him as a racist remember he has promoted in his organisation people of non white backgrounds. The USA has a black President and yet more have become dependent on welfare since he has been President, America has turn into a country where there is sex warfare, race warfare etc with the bulk of this happening under Obama .

  8. Avatar of skooler

    Trump distanced himself from white nationalists in his NY Times interview yesterday. He also asked press to report on Bannon if he did or said anything racist.

    Not saying I like the guy, but he is toning it down when it comes to the race issues that people are so concerned about.

  9. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    You can’t have a rational discussion with someone when one person doesn’t even recognise the basic terms of the discussion. I don’t care who many degrees you claim to have: to say “I saw NOTHING racist in his campaign” means you are either lying or being wilfully ignorant.

    And I am trying to keep this discussion related to Asian women—you are the one who keeps taking it off on irrelevant tangents. You keep refusing to answer the question posed by the article and instead substitute your own. I will say you have been civil enough, however.

  10. Avatar of mralex714


    He might be trying to distance himself, but his message surely spoke to them.

  11. Geoff’s avatar

    Spooler, I agree BUT let’s note which people are concerned about DT’s “racism.” Largely, left-wing, occupy, tree-hugging butt bandits and their minions like the MSM. As Hussein said, “Elections have consequences;” it seems the critics should fold their tents and go home until they have an actual complaint.

  12. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    That’s true, but I think he’s really just trying to have it both ways like he always does. Anyway, I certainly hope his presidency will be less racist than his campaign.

  13. Geoff’s avatar

    Dr. Lee, you may want to proof your contributions before posting them. Is there any possibility that others may not agree to your “terms of discussion?” And when they do not you say they are lying or ignorant. Your initial post was overtly political with only peripheral relevance to Asian women; you should therefore expect overtly political replies (which you have received). I suspect few DT supporters liked him but saw him as preferable to a crook. You asked your rhetorical question and received a direct reply – which you dismissed without addressing the points made therein. Surely someone who calls himself a doctor would have a better understanding of argumentation and debate.

  14. Avatar of mralex714

    I just read an article where Clinton is ahead in the popular vote by over 2 million votes. So your vote really doesn’t count. As a side note the electoral college is under no obligation to vote the way the state went and this is in place to keep people like Trump out of the White House.

  15. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    FFS, I wrote this post, therefore I defined the terms of the discussion. If you want to have another discussion about the election that’s unrelated to this site, go and do it at an appropriate site for that discussion. The subject of this thread is the curious case of Asian women voting against their own race.

  16. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Yes Duane, you are absolutely right on both counts—it will be very interesting to see if they have the balls to do their job.

  17. Avatar of mralex714

    Geoff wrote:
    Spooler, I agree BUT let’s note which people are concerned about DT’s “racism.”Largely, left-wing, occupy, tree-hugging butt bandits and their minions like the MSM.As Hussein said, “Elections have consequences;” it seems the critics should fold their tents and go home until they have an actual complaint.

    It’s easy to say that when you don’t get the sh*t end of that stick.

  18. Geoff’s avatar

    FINALLY you get to your point; thank you. In your extensive research, how many Asian women voted for DT? Or are you using exclusively anecdotal evidence like an out-of-context pic of three drunkards – including exactly one Asian women – giving a Nazi salute? Oh – and please within the terms of YOUR post – define Asian women. Middle eastern? Far eastern? What % Asian? And, built in to your question is the assumption that Asian heritage (whatever that means) should be or was the primary variable. Again – a self-described doctor should have a better understanding of research principles, argumentation and debate, and expressive writing. Unless of course, you are simply using this site as a vehicle to express your failed socio-political views in the hope that you can collect acolytes to improve your self-esteem after being crushed electorally. And BTW – (directed toward Duane) – how can you say HRC won by 2 million votes and yet insist votes don’t count? The electoral college exists for a reason; re-read The Federalist Papers. And just to be clear: DT sucks but not as much as HRC or Bernie.

  19. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Thanks for your excellent and insightful comment—this is the kind of thing I was hoping would come up.

  20. Geoff’s avatar

    Hey, Duane: Exactly who has gotten the short end of any stick? I was under the impression the inauguration is in January.

  21. Geoff’s avatar

    Dr. Lee: While you may define the topic of discussion you may not define its terms. That, presumably, is why you posted publicly.

  22. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    If you’d actually read my post in the first place (which it seems you still haven’t), you would have understood the terms of the discussion and the basis of it right from the beginning. Your comments now are just mindless rants—please see rahbka’s comment for the kind of discussion I was hoping for.

    Our definition of Asian women has been discussed ad nauseum elsewhere.

  23. Kinchina’s avatar

    Trump just settled the Trump University case. You know where his school pretended to teach people how to get rich like him but really learned nothing. He settled without admission of guilt as usual but nobody thought he had a chance to win. He regularly refuses to pay smaller suppliers or short pays them and uses legal expenses to keep them at bay. I’m confused, who’s a crook? Pretty easy to find his history of settled lawsuits, That’s not the picture of an upstanding citizen.
    You can say all the bad things you want about Hillary but don’t try to tell me this POS smells like a rose.
    And Geoff, “change agent” is a common business term. And what is wrong with “diversity” and how do you associate it with Marxist expressions? Do tell.

  24. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    I define both—this is my site. I can delete your comments (or even ban you) at the push of a button, but I’ve let you go an ranting (so far).

  25. Geoff’s avatar

    Duly noted, and fitting nicely under my “acolyte” description. I assure you I did read your post and objected to the OT nature of it. You did not make it less political by using an obtuse reference to Asian women; if that qualified it for the board we’d see more recipes for pho and bhun. You were, and continue to, make a bankrupt political point Finally, please note that in this exchange I have made 32 points and you have responded to none. Your choice of course – but its a great way to lose any debate.

  26. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    There has been a huge spike in (often very violent) race-related assaults in Trump’s name since the election. But I guess you’ll say you don’t see any evidence of that.

  27. Geoff’s avatar

    Ah! Finally! Ban me! Nothing would do a better job of illustrating how bereft of tolerance and intelligence you are. Very Stalinist. And, while you can define whatever you like, you shouldn’t expect others to comply. That’s one of the reasons we have a Bill of Rights. Don’t worry – no one expects you to issue any substantive reply; the best you can do is to take your ball (list) and go home.

  28. Geoff’s avatar

    And there has been a commensurate spike in anti-Trump violence as well. So your point would be …?

  29. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    I was responding to your question to Duane about who was getting the short end of the stick. But of course, you will tell us that Trump and his supporters are not racist at all.

  30. Geoff’s avatar

    Kinchina: Yes, change agent is a common business term. But how did it enter our lexicon? Probably from Mao, in his exchanges with Edgar Snow who was then writing The Long Revolution. Diversity in a political context probably originated with Stalin’s essay “The Problem of Nationalities.” Thanks for asking. Finally, I despise DT as much as anyone; I just despise HRC and her mindless drones more.

  31. Geoff’s avatar

    Dr. Lee: I am reasonably sure some of Trump’s supporters are racist. So what? None of HRC’s were? Or Hussein’s? Please note that being a racist does not necessarily mean someone getting the short end of any stick and especially before the inauguration.

  32. Geoff’s avatar

    Dr. Lee: When will you share with us your research results? Looking forward to it (just a little snarky).

  33. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    As always, you completely miss the point: these racist acts were committed in Trump’s name, which means not only that a lot of his supporters are racist, but that he incited them into racist acts. Yet you claim “I saw NOTHING racist in his campaign”. You are entitled to your own opinions, but you aren’t entitled to your own facts.

  34. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Actually, you can see the results of my research in the thread I linked to in our forum.

  35. Geoff’s avatar

    Illogical. If I spray paint an anti-Trump diatribe on my neighbor’s wall and say it is in your name does that make you culpable? Please cite your facts r/t DT’s inciting racist violence (names, dates, location, context, quotes). Your lack of responsiveness to my points continues to be noted.

  36. Geoff’s avatar

    Are you looking for peer review?

  37. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Just look at the news reports—people are literally yelling out “Trump” while committing these acts, and spray painting their victims’ property with “Trump”, usually accompanied by a swastika. How much brains do you need to make the connection?

  38. Kinchina’s avatar

    While “change agent” and “diversity” may have the origins you believe (doubt) are they bad words or ideas because of their origins? Stalin was no supporter of diversity, he wanted all the USSR “Russianized”. Mao was not the worlds first “change agent” by definition either.

  39. Geoff’s avatar

    Checked your links and saw NOTHING by way of research, just leftie diatribes. A URL for your “extensive research,” please? Also, what of it has been peer reviewed (surely you wouldn’t post research without peer reviews, right? :-)

  40. Geoff’s avatar

    Kinchina: My point had nothing to do with “good” or “bad” words. Rather, it was to increase awareness that using such terms connotes either familiarity with their origins or ignorance of their origins.

  41. Geoff’s avatar

    And if I beat a black man while yelling “Lee!” will that render you culpable?

  42. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    If I had previously incited you into hating blacks, then yes I would be.

  43. Geoff’s avatar

    Kinchina: You are somewhat correct but … I did not suggest Mao was the world’s first change agent, merely he was the first to use the term in a political context. And Stalin, surprisingly, had much more sympathy for nationalities than you might think – especially Georgians. But that wasn’t the point either – rather, it was that he was probably the first to use it in a political context. Therefore,when lefties use these terms they are invoking Mao and Stalin, whether they realize it (unlikely) or not.

  44. Geoff’s avatar

    Dr. Lee: I again implore you to detail your insistence that DT incited racial violence: names, places, dates, contexts. Or will you simply continue to chant the leftie mantra?

  45. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    For goodness sake, it’s all over the news at the moment, but I guess you only watch FOX. Whatever evidence I provide you will dismiss as ‘lefty propaganda’, because you will clearly only believe what you want to believe, regardless of the overwhelming weight of evidence.

    Oh, and regrading my supposed ignorance of some of your arguments, when the entire basis for your case (your contention that Trump’s campaign was not racist) is factually incorrect, there isn’t any point in going into the finer details.

  46. Geoff’s avatar

    I understand. You base your position (and “research”:-) on what you see on the news. Gotcha. You see this dribble and when it is disputed you insist your opponent is factually incorrect. Tautological, but I get it. I just hope your “research” is more intellectually cogent.

  47. Geoff’s avatar

    Dr. Lee: As you may know or care, I am Canadian but follow things American, especially football, politics, and media. While it is not my intent to get unduly personal, my guess is you’re Australian. It seems no people are as blindly jealous of the Yanks as Aussies. I’m not sure why that is, but it seems like something analogous to penis envy. Perhaps because the Yanks hauled your asses out of the fire (USMC) in 1942 and you’ve resented it since? Apologies if too personal – just an observation. Yet, if this is true, it would go a long way toward explaining your seemingly blind hatred/ignorance of American electoral politics – so much you rely on media for “truth.”

  48. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    This comment does indeed cross the line into being overly personal—if it was directed at somebody else I would have deleted it (although I’m sure any Aussie reading this would find your comment highly offensive).

    Anyway, the truth is we Aussies look at the US with some bemusement. We don’t understand their deep-seated need to hang on to their guns no matter how many innocent people get killed by them (we banned automatic weapons after our first gun massacre, and it worked). We can’t comprehend why they don’t want free health care like we have. And where did I say I hated American electoral politics?

    Unsurprisingly, your opinion on Aussies is just as ignorant as your political opinions. Anyway, now that you are resorting to personal insults, I am calling a halt to this.

    Oh, and one more thing: I know your claim of being a Canadian is a complete lie.

  49. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Now that I’ve killed that diversion, can we get back to discussing the subject of this post? So far rahbka‘s comment is the only one that’s really given me any insight into this issue.

    And once again, please keep it civil.

  50. Avatar of Basho

    You see. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Politics is the agent of division in this world. Beautiful Asian ladies are the opposite, they bring us together. FAR be it from me to criticise our hallowed pages here but I think we should keep politics out of it. More beauty. Less politics

  51. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    Firstly Dr. Lee, I don’t agree with some of your assertions. I will suggest Godwin’s law and I will suggest both why people voted for Trump and not for Clinton. To the question you ask “WTF?” This my opinion. Like anything else there are slices to this pie. There is a very small fringe (like the group above that is being elevated by the media) of open racists that think Trump is one of there own. There are people who wanted to throw a wrench into the gears of government that they feel is broken and does nothing for them but take their votes (and money). There are those who believe Trump can do everything he said he would (they will be disappointed). There are those who wanted Bernie Sanders and held a grudge against Clinton. There were those who didn’t believe Clinton was the most “qualified” candidate.There were Democrats who were tired of the Clintons and finally there were Democrats who could not vote for perhaps the most corrupt major politician of the 21st century. I don’t believe Trump is a racist. I believe that he objectifies women but paradoxically also elevates them. All that, I believe, is or a major part of, WTF. As for Tila, I don’t know what she was doing at that gathering but (aside from the fact that what authentic white supremacist org. would have an Asian girl in their midst?) it’s not hard to believe she hadn’t a thought over who they are, what they say they stand for or what that sign is she was doing and what it all means. I don’t think I’ll comment on the subject more. No one will be dissuaded from their beliefs and it’s a fruitless enterprise. As I said before, I think bringing politics into AS is opening a Pandoras box.

  52. gunnar’s avatar

    just by reading the first lines of the post, i *knew* this would bring a heated discussion.
    doc lee, keep in mind that many of the guys in the usa who read and comment these posts, are quite fond of trump – the guy got most votes right, and much more from men than women as you pointed – despite them being fond of “grabbing asian pussy” (reference to trump’s speech here), and they are staying quiet just because they don’t want to get into political debates, but they did vote for trump when they had the choice.
    the problem of that election is that it screws up many worldwide topics like climate change. keeping this in mind, perhaps some non american commando should attempt to destroy trump and his vp before january 20th. otherwise the whole world will suffer from that presidency, no doubt about it.

  53. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    I really don’t think not wanting to vote for Clinton is an excuse to vote for Trump (especially if you aren’t white)—it’s an excuse not to vote, and effectively that’s exactly what happened. Trump had a lower vote than Romney or any other recent Republican candidate, but he still won, partly because his voters were in the right places, but mostly because not enough progressives got out to vote—Hillary’s vote was well down on Obama’s.

    I also have to dispute the notion that Hillary is “perhaps the most corrupt major politician of the 21st century”. No other politician in history has been subjected to as much scrutiny as she has, yet they still can’t pin any criminal behaviour on her. She certainly isn’t any more corrupt than most career politicians, and a good deal less than some I’ll bet. Infinitely less corrupt than Trump too. Judge Hillary when every other politician in Washington has been subjected to as much scrutiny as she has (even Bernie Sanders agrees with this).

  54. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Actually, Hillary won the popular vote by more than 2 million votes!

    I agree that as a non-American the most concerning thing about Trump is his environmental policy, as it will do potentially very serious and permanent damage.

  55. Avatar of Tbone

    Just when i thought this site was a refuge from the election nonsense and nastiness…

    Let’s get back to Tila. The fact that she was considered an “Asian Siren” by some, an esteemed title only bestowed upon the best of the best of hottie Asian women, is what sickens me the most.

  56. Avatar of arf

    I think Tila’s still hot. and I thank GOD Hillary lost!

  57. Ogrady’s avatar

    Tila is a moron. She was a hottie that turned into a washed up two bit ho bag that is openly a Neo nazi. Not sure how you can be a Asian nazi but… Maybe you just have to hate everyone other than whites and you’re in. As far future president trumpet, I think he’s going to disappoint his voters in a big way. As far as the overt racism in his name he needs to condemn it until it stops. Obama also dropped the ball when it comes to blm. We’ve had cops being killed on a daily basis this week. As a black man he should be condemning this overt prejudice towards law enforcement but he doesn’t. These overt acts of hatred by a small minority can be pushed back to the fringes by just speaking out against it, but LOUDLY. I’m waiting Obama and trump. Also doc, it’s easy for non minorities to dismiss the overt racism in his campaign because they don’t know how it feels to know that the tides can turn quickly and all of a sudden you find yourself in an interment camp, a concentration camp, or hanging from a tree. We’re not going in the right direction.

  58. Avatar of Luke

    I think that people read into these “anti…” messages what they want to hear ignoring the hypocritical aspects. It often surprises me the views on immigration and asylum seekers from people with ethnic backgrounds. The real danger I guess (which I’m guilty of) is apathy. I didn’t feel a great passion for either candidate at the recent (Australian) election.

  59. Avatar of wingsfan19


    Well you certainly write like a person with a PhD, 3 MA’s and a BA. “Butt bandit” indeed.

  60. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Dr. Lee,

    As much as I detest Trump, I feel very strongly that the Electoral College electors should follow the voting results of their respective states. If Clinton were to have won the most electoral votes but Trump had won the popular vote, we wouldn’t be calling for the Electoral College voters to revolt against her. Unfortunately, even though he is spectacularly unqualified in both experience and temperament, there are no minimum qualifications for the presidency other than age and citizenship.

  61. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    wingsfan19 wrote:

    Well you certainly write like a person with a PhD, 3 MA’s and a BA. “Butt bandit” indeed.

    I can only assume these claims are as truthful as his claims of being Canadian. :)

    As for your other comments, the electoral college was specifically put in place to stop the public electing a populist despot—just like Donald Trump. So whether you accept the authority of the electoral college or the popular vote, Hillary should win.

  62. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Probably should have put this one in the forums, eh?

    Practising my Canadian for a possible move ;)

  63. Avatar of wingsfan19

    arf wrote:
    I think Tila’s still hot.and I thank GOD Hillary lost!

    Have to disagree with you on both points there buddy. But I’ll defend your rights to them.

    Probably not to the death, though. That’s why I joined the Air Force, not the Marines :roll:

  64. Lee’s avatar

    I really wish people would do their research so that I didn’t have to do it for them. I used to eat up all the propaganda that the mainstream media put out there, but then some things didn’t make logical sense, so I dove in and did my research. Notice that a lot of the things you get on Trump are either cut out video, which anyone can do now days to shape whatever scene they want, and also that there are a lot of videos with no audio. That’s because the audio would give away the truth. If you find “damning” videos, don’t be so gullible to accept a cut out propaganda piece. Find the original and watch it in context. Trump ran for president in the 80′s and ever since. In the 90′s, he wanted to run on the Reform Party ticket, which you can look up the definition and be surprised, but there was a guy by the name of David Duke, who was in a leadership role in the KKK (Ku Klux Klan). Trump, who really wanted to run for president, withdrew himself stating that he wanted nothing to do with David Duke. That’s all you would hear for weeks him raving about how he can’t believe that this guy was even on the ticket. Suddenly, silence. Trump wasn’t saying anything more about the guy… because David Duke sued him for defamation of character and public slander. Now, fast forward to 2016. CNN was aware of what happened in the 90′s. David Duke endorsed Trump in 2015. CNN knew that Trump couldn’t legally say anything negative about the guy, so they asked him if he accepted the endorsement. If you look at the FULL ASS interview, you would see that Trump stated that “he couldn’t say anything about the guy”! He said that he did not know David Duke personally and that he would not comment on someone or something he didn’t know personally. CNN cuts the video so that it sounds like Trump isn’t rejecting the video, so then all of the Hillary supporters, not caring for the truth, start crying that Trump is racist. There was so much propaganda and so many people willing to be duped by it. I voted for Trump. I don’t have a racist bone in my body, but if you listen to the Hillary supporters, everyone who voted for Trump is racist. If I had the inclination to do everyone’s homework for them, I would show you also that the media took his immigration statement, which was pretty close to Hillary’s in 2008, and restated it and led people by the nose to hear what they wanted them to hear. Trump isn’t going to kick everyone out of America. What he wants is for those coming in to be checked out very carefully to make sure that they are not terrorists. Those that are hear, he wants checked for the same reason. If America is attacked from within, can you imagine the royal blame that would be put on the president for not being proactive in stopping it. People can be real hypocritical and so easy to be led around. All I can say is if you want the truth, do your homework. If you don’t care for the truth… it doesn’t really matter then, right?

  65. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    I hope all the people coming here and supporting Trump are millionaires—I was always astounded by the naivety of working class voters who thought a billionaire who didn’t pay taxes would make their lives better:


  66. joe’s avatar

    Right or wrong and above all else, to paraphrase James Carville, “It’s the economy, stupid.”

  67. Tony Crago’s avatar

    Notice how the Trump supporters deflect and conflate every chance they get? Most of them don’t want to admit they are white supremacists. But here’s the thing – more people voted AGAINST con man Trump than for him and MOST Americans do NOT appreciate Nazi salutes or more importantly the Nazis giving the salute. And for all you Nazis who support Trump well here’s something to think about. Do your research. It didn’t end well for your hero Adolph Hitler and it won’t end well for con man Trump.

  68. pres’s avatar

    Easy explanation: she’s nuts.

  69. Avatar of Bubalabobo

    I disagree with putting this post up, politics not Asian women. I agree with Geoff and some others, and he made reasoned argument that was trivialized here, and was unfairly shut down–i saw more ah hominems directed at him than he was alleged to have done himself.

    Yes Tila is a naive fool. Nothing new.

  70. Avatar of Bubalabobo

    Also it is cynical to post this on the American Thanksgiving holiday.

  71. Avatar of IeatCows

    I live in California, a generally dem state. I hang out with a lot of Asians at my work, my immediate and extended family as well as endless friends (male and female). The majority voted for Trump. Their personal reasons I noted were Hillary’s corruption, economy and heavy on Immigration. They had to immigrate legally and at great expense and recognize the need for immigration laws to be enforced. Trump promised that, she didn’t. The Point being, every Trump voter -hot asian girl or not- had a primary issue as to why they voted for him and that over reached the media’s attempts to label him negatively.

    That all said, i do agree with a lot of posters this belongs in the forum. This is my happy place to see new hot Siren postings. :)

  72. Avatar of pseacraft


    Well stated mate. I agree entirely.

  73. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    Agreed. And, please, for those who do, stop perpetuating “anti-immigrant” and put it correctly, anti-illegal immigrant. To do otherwise is dishonest.

  74. Phil’s avatar

    This (arguably misplaced) thread quickly went off the rails. The question: “why the hell would non-whites not only vote for but strongly support an openly racist, white supremacist candidate?”

    My (white, voted for Trump) response: I don’t believe Trump is openly racist or a white supremacist. He has already appointed one woman of Indian descent to his cabinet, and is reportedly going to appoint an African American man to another. These do not sound like the acts of a white supremacist.

    Sure, he wants to secure our borders, but who in their right mind wants to have wide open immigration policies? He simply wants to enforce policies already on the books, and prevent another terrorist attack on US soil. Australians should be able to relate to this, given Australia’s high barriers to immigration.

    So if we assume the “facts” in your question are hyperbole, then the question becomes simplified to “why would non-whites vote for [a particular candidate]“. This question is best answered by a non-white Trump voter. Any of those on AS who care to comment?

  75. Tron’s avatar

    Hispanic Trump supporter here with an Asian wife.

    He said nothing racist. He’s against illegal not legal immigration. I live in LA and illegal immigrants are overwhelming the system here.

  76. Christine’s avatar

    Exactly why a lot of us voted for Trump, 1. anger over the corrupt politicians that set the rules, break the rules themselves and get wealthy on the backs of all Americans. All while we continue to work harder and they take more of our hard earned money away. On the right and left…

    2. You want to claim all of these things about Trump and while some are deserved, at least he plays within the rules of what our Politicians set up, so like it or not, if he was doing anything illegal, he would be in jail. Unlike Hillary that violates every rule in the book and gets a pass.

    3. another reason we voted for Trump, is when liberals call everyone that voted for Trump or when liberals call Repubs racist, homophobe, xenophobe, etc. Those chap my ass more than anything because I am none of those things.

    4. final reason we voted for Trump, was watching President Obama and continuously throughout his time in office and leading up to it, divide this country in every way possible. By race, by class, by party….and promoted his hate speach whereever possible. You dont think that ignited people on the left to hate and overreact. Hillary did the same. He in essence from the start and continues to talk about how Repubs want to not help the poor or elderly, or we dont want to help minorities or we are against gays in every way possible, etc, etc I am socially in the middle but my fiscal views are strongly conservative. You cant spend your way into fixing the country. Take our money, let the govt waste it, give it away to some that do need it but a lot that dont and then when we object, tell the world that we dont care.

  77. Nik2’s avatar

    Dr. Lee,

    Each and every of those accidents have so far been proven fake. Leftists will not stop at anything to smear Trump and the Republicans as racist, sexist, anti-Semitic, anti-Muslim, anti-gay, anti-science, anti everything.

  78. Avatar of tmarlin98

    i wish there was this much dialogue when i talk about the conflict i have of me being a father to an Asian daughter and my enjoyment of looking atother Asian booty. Knowing that their fathers would not like them doing so.

  79. TheGrandAdmiral’s avatar

    Honestly, many Asians, especially Asian women, are White supremacists, in a way. This benefits many White men here for obvious reasons, but is not so beneficial to Black men, much to many of our lamentations.

    On the other hand, not all non-Whites that voted for Trump did it to get in bed, literally or figuratively with Whites. As a Black man, illegal immigration has a direct negative effect on me, as does excessive modern political correctness since I am a proudly straight man that likes slim Northeast Asian women (of course, White supremacy and anti-Blackism are to my detriments there).

    It’s lose-lose for those without power, and that is how it always has been and always will be.

  80. wknight40’s avatar

    Trump and Hillary neither one were a good choice for this country. Personally I feel the lesser of the two evils has won.

    Trump himself has gone on the news and asked for these anti-Trump, Hillary supporting cry babies to stop rioting. Hillary and Obama have not said a single thing about it. When Obama won, and their were plenty of people upset both times he won, he was never accused of inciting riots against him. There were a few, so few in fact nearly all of us have forgotten. But either way it shows that those of us against the current administration have more class and civility then the anti-Trump protestors. Excuse me that would be “radical-protestor’s” that are borderline terrorists. After all if you publicly disrupt the flow a highway or threaten people that did vote for Trump you should be labeled a “terrorist”.

    Don’t block the road I’m driving on. I will not stop, I have already seen what a crowd does to stopped vehicles. People die in ambulances, women in birth cannot get treatment, whites get pulled from their vehicle and get beaten. Nope I will not stop.

    In short we need to stop this anti-Trump crap and hope he can do a good job. Congress and the Supreme court will keep him in check. Also as long as he puts the right people in his cabinet they will also keep him in check.

    And being a dominantly male website who would you rather stare at? Beautiful Melania as first lady or slick Willie as first man?

  81. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Yeah, ‘proven’ fake by known partisan fake news sites. One good thing to come out of this is that Google and Facebook are finally starting to crack down on fake news.

    Apologies to the slow approvals for new posters—I only just got up. :)

  82. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Yeah, and Trump has done nothing to stand against all the racist violence being perpetrated in his name. Protesting is legal; racially motivated assaults are not.

  83. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Trump is breaking every political conflict of interest law practically by the minute—even though he has an all-Republican congress and senate, he will be very lucky to survive a full term without being impeached. Hillary was never found guilty of anything because she never actually did anything illegal. Clearly, her opponents (including within the FBI) threw everything they could at her—only a completely innocent person could not be indicted under so much scrutiny. Those who say otherwise simply have no respect for the rule of law I’m sorry to say.

  84. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    I shut Geoff down after he resorted to insulting all Australians. which is a clear breach of our posting guidelines. And if you saw what he tried to post after that, you would agree with the wisdom of my decision to block him.

  85. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    To all the Trump supporters here:

    I never said Trump himself was racist (although there is considerable evidence that he is, given the discriminatory policies of his real estate businesses toward blacks). It’s hard to know what Trump himself actually does believe—it seems he’s adopted every possible position on every issue at one point or another. The only thing we can be certain of from all of this is that he is a fraud.

    However, I am absolutely astounded that his supporters here are actually claiming that he didn’t run an openly racist campaign. Banning all Muslim immigration and keeping a register of local Muslims isn’t racist? Singling out Latinos and blacks for crimes the vast majority of them aren’t guilty of isn’t racist? Objecting to a judge because he was Latino isn’t racist (and in Trump’s own words, this was because he was running an anti-Latino campaign)? And most importantly of all, why was he so strongly supported by white nationalists if he didn’t run an openly racist campaign? What the hell does somebody have to do to be to considered racist by you people?

  86. Ric’s avatar

    I normally stay out of these discussions because, well, this is your forum, your soapbox, and as such it is your choice to allow or ban the opinions of others if they simply don’t agree with you; However, A question was posed, and I’m happy to provide, in my opinion, an answer. (whether you agree, or reveal it to others is of course, your choice) WTF? Since there is no other question in the posting, I have to assume you are questioning the entire content of posting. SO: The rise of NAZI power had an important date shared in November by Krystal Nacht, and the Beer Hall Pustch. I find it ironic that the protests AFTER the election found windows being broken by various agents and orgs of the LEFT, on the anniversary of those other NAZI events. NPI may, or may not be a “white supremacist, Alt-right, neo-Nazi” organization, it depends substantially on how anyone wants to define it. Whatever the case, Trump NEVER endorsed THEM. BTW, National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP – Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei), is much closer to the Progressive Democrat line than it is to a Representative Constitutional Republic. Speaking of Republic, which the Constitution demands all forms of government in the United States MUST be constructed as, the Electoral College is a Republican form of government, as is required; A straight “democracy” is forbidden. This is why 51% of votes cast for candidate X does not always win the election. The Ancient Greeks defined democracy as mob rule. I don’t know Angie Vu Ha, so I can’t speak for her. Bai Ling, if she is an American citizen has the right to vote for, or support whomever she wishes to. It doesn’t change if she is an Asian Siren. I’m not sure Mia Khalifa’s BJ promise carries any more weight than Madonna’s, but I’m willing to let them BOTH of them attempt to change my mind, even today. Michelle Malkin is quite the smart lady, and her books are always well supported with references, and reading them is quite enlightening. I understand how she could be disliked here though because she won’t take her clothes off for pictures. I didn’t see any racism in Trumps ideas, or speeches; Although, I have seen plenty from Hillary. Criticism of racism, and sexism on a website devoted to -ASIAN- Sirens being worshiped in various states of undress, for reasons of ogling, and commenting on their every minor physical attribute: NOW THAT IS RICH! And the one more thing,,,Perhaps, 30% of those Latinos who voted for Trump, have no fear of deportation. I wonder if the 70% who didn’t vote for him were able to legally vote in the first place.

  87. Avatar of tiger

    Dr. Lee,

    Oh, no… Do not go there. Small breasted boring girls fans were bad enough. But gun grabbing Clinton worshipers? Good grief. And the race garbage? Hillary is the worst bigot type of all. Panders for votes and does nothing but sell 50 years of failed policy. You need to read Malkin more.

  88. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    A black man supporting an Asian woman who is anti-immigration and supports racial profiling—this thread has certainly been an eye-opener.

  89. Avatar of tiger

    Dr. Lee,

    Voting against their race? How about voting for the better leader? Sorry, but Tila made the right call. Still a hottie to boot. Clinton has been a loser since Watergate. 4 years playing on her phone, rather than manage her dept.

  90. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    I’m sorry, but as a Malkin fan you’ve obviously been brainwashed by conservative propaganda. Clinton probably did more work in one week than Trump will do in his entire term. And Trump is anti black lives matter! I can only hope that once they’re done with Muslims and Jews they don’t come after you.

  91. Jlau’s avatar

    Dr lee,

    Looking outside inward I can see how ur views can be skewed on the presidential race and how DT won. Being in and living in the US you would see why he won. People are tired of the same old BS the dem party has been pushing for years and with no positive change here in the US. People want change, want to feel a leader can come in and actually do something for the people. I’m neither dem or Repub but felt DT was better for the job knowing he comes in with less political baggage than HC. For me, illegal immigration is a huge issue. We have enough homeless vets, mentally damaged people and our own poor to take care of here before we give handouts to illegals coming in from wherever they come from in the world. I think we have enough to fix at home and should focus on that. Also just recently let’s look at how Australia pushed over all their illegals on the US when they alone wouldn’t have them in their own country. There are many countries in the world with much more strict immigration laws than ours but the expectation is for the US to take everyone in. Yes, we were a country built on immigrants, but that was a different time and world as I see it. Things change, times change, and at some point issues at home should be addressed and fixed before going out and supporting other countries and issues. Just my 2 pennies.

  92. Jlau’s avatar

    Dr lee,

    Also, I wouldn’t of banned anyone when it comes to political questions and comments. Even more so knowing neither of you are US based and have no actual stake in US politics, the words written by each of you are just words and should be left as that. To ban someone is harsh and personal or not, was not called for. You kinda gotta take the good with the bad when you post this type of statement/question online. Rules or not, wrong way to handle things.

  93. Nik2’s avatar

    Dr. Lee,

    Not exactly. Libertarian Johnson got more than 4M votes, kooky Green candidate Stein bagged another million or so. Added to Trump, this is a whopping majority for anti-Clinton vote. Anyway, US is a republic, not a democracy.

  94. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    I banned one person for breaching our posting guidelines by posting personal insults, as I would in any thread on our site. I’ve been happy to see that nobody else has done this.

  95. Nik2’s avatar

    Dr. Lee wrote:

    Yeah, ‘proven’ fake by known partisan fake news sites. One good thing to come out of this is that Google and Facebook are finally starting to crack down on fake news.

    Apologies to the slow approvals for new posters—I only just got up. https://www.asian-sirens.net/wp/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_smile.gif” alt=”:)”>

    Like CNN (Clinton News Network)? In Europe we call them Lügenpresse, in in US we call them press-titutes.

  96. gunnar’s avatar

    92 comments, are you kidding me?!
    anyway this is the day where doc lee realized all the former american servicemen who are into crass looking asian women are actually not as open minded as he thought… if trump got elected there must be a reason, and the mentality in the red states is different enough so we non americans completely fail to understand their logic and motivation. a bit like how there are still russians who support putin, or there are chinese who love the ccp.
    just from the tone and expressions they use in their comments, it was always clear to me many of the american commenters here are current or former army servicemen who are not particularly the most liberal to say the least. they however are fine with “grabbing asian pussy” (reference to trump quotes) but certainly wouldnt want to see mrs clinton holding office.
    this blog should have remained apolitical. now something is inevitably broken forever between two categories of people ;)

  97. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    I judge accuracy by independent fact-checking sites. Fortunately, before too long so will Google and Facebook, which will save a lot of trouble.

  98. Jlau’s avatar

    Dr lee,

    In a situation and conversation of this nature, it was expected to happen. I do appreciate the site and the hard work you put into it but banning someone was not needed. It’s a sensitive topic that was posted and that was that. Be the bigger man and let it slide. He made valid points and was an active participant in this convo, so no need to ban anyone. I appreciated reading all of the posts from all and I felt obligated to sign up and chime in. I respected Geoff for taking the time on this issue. Hope you can understand that convos can get heated and chippy about politics. Again, great work on the site and I hope you see that this post got you a new member to sign in and participate. It’s a win win as I see it.

  99. gunnar’s avatar

    Jlau wrote:
    Dr lee,

    People want change, want to feel a leader can come in and actually do something for the people.

    this is actually the thing here – how can people even imagine that trump would be doing ANYTHING for the people?! the guy has always been a tough businessman, always making ethically questionable decisions, and everything he has done has always been about himself. just because he was a massive troll during the campaign doesnt mean he cares about anyone. he’s already started to admit he wont fulfill many (if not most) of his campaign promises…

    dear americans, you’ve been trumped!

  100. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Yeah, I think the number of comments on this thread in one day must be a new record. 8O

    I am happy that I’ve only had to ban one person for resorting to personal insults, so hopefully we can all go back to enjoying Asian girls together. :)

  101. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    You didn’t see the comments he posted after that—I had no choice but to ban him. And once I start making exceptions to our moderation policy, where does it end? Consistency in moderation is very important.

  102. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    gunnar wrote: this is actually the thing here – how can people even imagine that trump would be doing ANYTHING for the people?! the guy has always been a tough businessman, always making ethically questionable decisions, and everything he has done has always been about himself. just because he was a massive troll during the campaign doesnt mean he cares about anyone. he’s already started to admit he wont fulfill many (if not most) of his campaign promises…

    dear americans, you’ve been trumped!

    Yes, I totally agree with this. How could workers believe a millionaire who doesn’t pay taxes would represent them? Trump is the system they’re rebelling against!

    Here’s Trump’s tax policy

  103. Jlau’s avatar


    Politics is a crapshoot. I personally voted for neither candidate but have an opinion that DT has more chance of moving this country in a better direction that HC would of had.. hope is a beautiful thing…. HC I feel would of followed on the same crappy path as BO. My opinion. I would rather give the unknown a shot at it that someone I felt would of followed the same horrible policies. Give the guy a shot, support the prez for his term, if he makes it, and go from there. To me it would of been a hard call if Sanders and Kasich were running at the time. The dem party killed any possible win by shafting Sanders…

  104. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    But if you were paying attention, he isn’t an unknown—here’s Trump’s tax policy. Do you really think you will be better off?

  105. Jlau’s avatar

    In the political world he’s an unknown for the most part. Like I said, touchy issue for all since we all have a personal opinion on this subject. I do enjoy reading all opinions and looking at views from all angles. Nothing personal. As for not paying taxes, well that’s our own damn fault for having those laws and rules in place for the wealthy to take advantage of. Nothing new, I’m sure all use these same loopholes for business and personal benefit. Now is that shame on him or shame on us for having that option avail to use? Not like this a new thing that was just created, those have been there for years and never addressed by dems or repubs.

  106. Jlau’s avatar

    Let’s be honest here, how many promises and this and that have been said on both sides for every election and never happened or never been passed??? Let’s judge the guy when things start to happen when he’s in office. I can say the market has been going great since he was announced the winner. Long term who knows, but you gotta learn to ride the highs and lows of these things.

  107. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Yes, but it is known that Trump’s tax policy will not only astronomically increase the income equality that everyone was so concerned about, but it will massively blow out the deficit as well. Once again, this is all known fact, not promises or speculation. And do you really think the guy who takes most advantage of tax loopholes will be the one to fix them? You don’t need to “give him a chance” to figure this out—you just need common sense. Answer me honestly: did any of Trump’s supporters even look at his tax policy? You all just ignored policy.

  108. Jlau’s avatar

    Has hit tax plan been implemented??? No. so not fact.

    Loopholes or not, will he fix, who knows? Did he create them? No. were they used by him? Yes, but also used by many other people as well. He’s just a face of those loopholes now he’s going to be in office.

    Guessing at what is going to happen is a huge mistake. As stated earlier, we all need to wait and see what comes out of this once in office. Running around like the building is on fire is the wrong way to react. He was elected and will be our president and that is a fact. Either way at the end of the day, we all wake up, have bills to pay, a job and family to take care of. That hasn’t changed and should be the focus of all people. Let’s see what he does and go from there. Hell, he may get impeached, who the hell knows.

    My thoughts are feelings are summed best by the video below. I think all could watch this and agree with what he says.


  109. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Jlau wrote:
    Has hit tax plan been implemented???No. so not fact.

    Loopholes or not, will he fix, who knows? Did he create them? No. were they used by him?Yes, but also used by many other people as well.He’s just a face of those loopholes now he’s going to be in office.

    Come on! Once again, you just need common sense to figure this out, not a crystal ball. Do you really think his tax policy could magically be better than what he said?

    When he says something you don’t like, you say he doesn’t mean it. When he says something you do like, you say “he tells it like it is”. Come on—this is fantasy land.

  110. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Wow, truly amazing. Well, before this libtard feminazi-loving reader goes back to enjoying photos of Asian sirens, I just want to say to all the Trump supporters out there that I hope you enjoy the next 4 years (assuming he doesn’t resign before then). You elected a con man, now you’ll see the con.

    Sorry, one last point. There was a reason that so many newspapers who have NEVER endorsed a Democrat endorse Hillary. Hint: it wasn’t because she paid them off or because they were afraid Trump would upset the status quo in favor of the working man.

    Now here’s a Asian siren and I couldn’t care less who she supports:


  111. wknight40’s avatar

    Dr. Lee,

    Just because they are using Trumps name in these protests does not mean he is behind them.

    When everyone was saying that Obama was not born an American Citizen nobody said it was Obama instigating that. It was always someone else.

    It is typical of “certain” beliefs, like “conspiracy theorists” that when things do not go the way they want them they have to invent reasons to explain why something happened or did not happen.

    Trump won fair and square by the laws that have been in effect for over 200 years. Like it or not he is here for the next 4 years unless someone kills him or he is impeached by congress. No petition in the world will take him out of office.

    Again neither one of them is right for this country.

  112. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    wknight40 wrote:
    Dr. Lee,

    Just because they are using Trumps name in these protests does not mean he is behind them.

    When everyone was saying that Obama was not born an American Citizen nobody said it was Obama instigating that.It was always someone else.

    For goodness sake, these two things aren’t even remotely comparable at all! Those people were against Obama, whereas the white supremacists are totally for Trump. Nobody went around beating up white people yelling “Obama”, or spray painting his name on their victims’ property (with or without a swastika)! If you really can’t tell the difference between these two things then no wonder you fell for a con man so easily without even bothering to investigate his actual policies, such as his tax plan.

  113. wknight40’s avatar

    And this site is full of “Asian and Male Supremacists” and and hypocrites.

    After all why is this site here? Because a lot of us that run and visit this site feel that the asian form is “superior” to all other forms. Then the pictures here are all of females denoting the “superiority” of the male over the female of the species.

    I only bring this up because people often look at what everyone else is doing wrong and cannot see their own faults.

    Now do not get me wrong, I enjoy this site very much and I do thank Dr. Lee and everyone else involved in the making of this site. If that puts me in the above mentioned categories I mentioned, so be it.

    Again thank you the great site. May also want to take your own advice as has been mentioned in other post’s. We come here to see naked asian women not a political tirade against a messed up asian with a Hitler salute. Anyone here that has not made the Hitler salute in the past among friends jokingly in the past and are complaining about her, shame on you.

    I have also seen post’s where you have informed and deleted post’s that were to negative against the current posted girl. I applaud you for that. But posting a “politically” charged post such as this knowing full well that people on both sides are so far apart on these two candidates was just asking for trouble.

    Take care and enjoy your day.

  114. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    wknight40 wrote:
    And this site is full of “Asian and Male Supremacists” and and hypocrites.

    After all why is this site here? Because a lot of us that run and visit this site feel that the asian form is “superior” to all other forms.Then the pictures here are all of females denoting the “superiority” of the male over the female of the species.

    Once again, these two things aren’t comparable at all. We have a preference for Asian women; we don’t want to eliminate or subjugate all other women, as white supremacists want to do to other races. It’s simply a matter of taste, that’s all.

    As for your comments on the site, you are welcome. :) I can tell you that Luke and RomanticWarrior would really appreciate it if their posts got a fraction of the interaction this one has. Let’s hear your opinions on our lovely ladies too guys!

  115. wknight40’s avatar

    Dr. Lee,

    8) I will stop here, again thank you. 8)

  116. Showtime’s avatar

    I’ve been visiting this site for over 10 years, essentially maturing from a reckless teen into a settled-down family man, and have never felt so compelled to respond to a post.

    The issue of political support all comes down to perspective – the visitors’ that frequent this gem of a site, and those of Asian women mentioned in the OP included.

    Personally, my perspective is that of a white Canadian male with distant German heritage, married to a first-generation Canadian with Chinese heritage. I lack a masters’ degree or a PHd but consider myself to be educated enough to evaluate what goes on around me critically. My opinion on the Trump vs Clinton debate has been informed by the major media outlets broadcasting out of the US and Canada, and tempered through the online opinions ranging from highly-referenced and articulate to incoherent rantings and ravings. I consider myself to be an outsider to the presidential election with a slight side-interest in how the results could impact my local economy.

    To me Trump’s actions and words (in the small sample-size the media has presented to me) paint the picture of a man who only prioritizes his self-interests. He seems to say whatever he feels will have the greatest positive impact on his future standing. His use of scapegoating minorities was done to this end – appealing to the ethnocentric thoughts we all subconsciously have. Likewise his “racist” remarks (making it look as though he “tells things like they are”) and seemingly sexist remarks about women (perhaps inflating his own sense of masculinity). He consistently says and does things that allow him to inflate his ego in that moment, or set himself up to do so in the future.

    He presented the picture of a man that represents a change in the political sphere. That’s all I see it as though – a picture. He knew that’s what people were craving for and he gave them that option. He won the election and now his ego has another reason to inflate further.

    Personally I believe he is a racist and a misogynist, but only as a result of being an egotist. I don’t believe he will incite any major political reform that discriminates against race or gender. I only believe that he will act according to what is best for his own ego. If he wants to go down in history as the most surprisingly effective leader the developed world has seen he’ll act one way. If he wants to increase his family’s net worth and asset holdings then he’ll act another. But, based on how I’ve seen him act, I’m scared his financial and environmental decisions are going to lean towards the “What’s best for Donald” thought process. Those who share a lot in common with him will benefit accordingly. Those with less in common will suffer as a result.

    Individuals, Asian women included, who could identify with his campaign promises and discriminatory remarks, even if they were the minority targeted by some of those, had the perspective that they stand to benefit from his election more than they stand to lose.

    I believe Hillary would have been more of the same that so many have become disenfranchised with.

    Hillary represented more well-intentioned mistakes. While Donald represented more “Me first” policy. Neither was a good option.

    I suspect the reason people voted for Trump is a combination of a desire for change, and a “what’s best for me” mentality. People who thought building a wall and mass deportation would benefit themselves saw Trump as representing their best interests. But anybody with the attention span to read this far into a political-themed conversation thread must have a strong understanding that nothing said during a campaign can ever be 100% believed.

    Based on campaign remarks and Donald’s interviews in the weeks that followed, the only thing that I believe with certainty is that Donald is going to put Donald first. So America is left with the question, “Is what’s best for Trump also best for America?”

    I could also be off by a long-shot though. And, frankly, I’d be happy if he proved me wrong with 4 years of altruistic and self-sacrificing decision-making.

    Thanks for your patience reading my opinion everyone.

  117. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Thanks for the excellent post—I was really hoping to see more like this.

  118. Ric’s avatar

    Once again, America stands only within sight of the precipice that every country on the Earth, and all thru history has fallen over, and many are today standing at the edge of. There is a reason why America has never stood on that cliff, or fallen over it, or even stood within rock-throwing distance of it.
    We The People. That may seem a simple and even stupid comment, but it is more important than any King, or clan.
    Nothing mankind has ever created is even close to the TRUTH that all men are created equal with certain inalienable RIGHTS, and it has never, ever been put into words by any other “government”, or guaranteed in writing, in the entire history of mankind anywhere else other than in the Constitution of the United States of America. Never. This is still the TRUTH today.
    The RIGHTS of Americans are inviolate. PERIOD. Given by God, Guaranteed by the Constitution. Supported by the US military. No where else in the world do any citizens have the rights that Americans do. NOWHERE.
    America has always projected these RIGHTS whenever it has been called upon to help, or destroy.
    In the Constitution, even before the rights of individual Americans is the mandate to have their own government elected by REPRESENTATION – Not “democracy”.
    Anyone who thinks America is “evil” doesn’t know the history of mankind.
    The election of Trump versus Hillary is just We the People, telling the rest of the world, and all their failing government experiments that America got it right, and WE are telling you ALL that you are WRONG.
    Can we get back to naked Asian Sirens now? (By the way, Asian is a description of a continent, not a description of the physical features of people. It would be more accurate to call the “Sirens” “Oriental” — Oh My God! your entire site is racist!)

  119. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Ric wrote:
    The election of Trump versus Hillary is just We the People, telling the rest of the world, and all their failing government experiments that America got it right, and WE are telling you ALL that you are WRONG.

    Time will tell who is right—we’ll see in 4 years, it Trump even lasts that long (which I doubt). And Hillary clearly won the popular vote—by more than 2 million votes.

    Can we get back to naked Asian Sirens now? (By the way, Asian is a description of a continent, not a description of the physical features of people. It would be more accurate to call the “Sirens” “Oriental” — Oh My God! your entire site is racist!)

    I’ve actually said that myself many times (and oriental is not racist outside the US).

  120. Ric’s avatar

    Please don’t tell anyone I commented on this Asian Supremacist sight. I could never run for President if anyone found out.

  121. Avatar of Luke

    Dr. Lee wrote:
    As for your comments on the site, you are welcome. https://www.asian-sirens.net/wp/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_smile.gif” alt=”:)”>I can tell you that Luke and RomanticWarrior would really appreciate it if their posts got a fraction of the interaction this one has. Let’s hear your opinions on our lovely ladies too guys!

    Given the response this one has got I might start posting political articles, it’s ten times the usual traffic even with banning people! It’s a thankless job I tell ya! :(

  122. Ric’s avatar

    The Constitution is right. Politics today are wrong.
    I will bet a gold penny that within 2 years of the Trump Presidency:
    ISIS is obliterated in the Middle East, but not everywhere else.
    Terrorists will bomb the world over, killing hundreds of thousands, in the name of “allah”.
    Venezuela will have a civil war, not about race, but politics. America, won’t have to do a thing to get that oil. We want it, they have it. They will drop out of OPEC. America helps them write a new We The People Constitution. Communism killed in another country.
    Castros’ Cuba will fall. 15,000,000 people will find FREEDOM, for the first time in their lives.
    England will not be permitted to leave the EU.
    France will revolt against their Socialist GOV (LaPen wins)
    Italy will kick out the Socialist GOV (this vote is next in line)
    Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Austria, Italy, France, Denmark, and Greece will leave the EU.
    Russia will support Turkey in taking over the island of Cypress, until Trump gives them the Baltic states, which belong to them anyway.
    Cypress belongs to Cyprians, or Greece, Turkey needs to get the hell out. This could be ground zero for WW3 if the Iranians don’t nuke Israel.
    The USA will remove all nukes from Turkey, and other places in Europe.
    Syria, after Trump, and the US military supports freedom will take all their rejected citizens back. (yeah, I’m kidding here)
    Oil prices will fall to $10/barrel
    The US will go back on the gold standard, and the $US will go through the roof, as other monies collapse. (please do this Trump)
    Oh, the wall. Yep, mexico pays for it.

  123. Ric’s avatar

    I don’t think it is too much to ask that every person employed in America pay taxes to the FED, speak English, and be registered for the draft. Why is it too much that Americans require VOTERS to read English on the ballot? If they can’t read English, how can they vote? I don’t ever want to see another multi-language ballot. How is that even possible?

  124. Lee’s avatar

    Tony Crago,

    Have you ever seen Trump support this act? Can he control everyone? I supported Trump after “hating” him and coming across things that didn’t make sense. Did you read what I had said just before your comment? By your summation, I’m racist. I’m not racist and the Nazi’s make me sick. So do people who hate because of propaganda. You say Trump is whatever for showing so much hate, but please, show me actual proof of his “hate”. No, not someone’s comment or cut up video. Show me Trump actually saying something that supports what you commented on. Saying Hillary should be in jail isn’t hate. He believes she has broken the law. You can believe someone has broken the law and say so without hating them. Please show me something DIRECTLY from Trump. And for the person that made a comment about every has to speak English, that is an example of someone who doesn’t represent my position. They may have voted for Trump, but just because someone votes for Trump, it doesn’t make Trump agree with them. He has no idea who Ric is much less agreeing with him.

  125. Avatar of arf

    But in the end…..we really don’t care what the F@CK! Canada or Australia or England thinks! It’s our choice….and they’ll they’ll get over it. ZoiKs!!!!!!

  126. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Unfortunately the USA’s choice of President effects the entire world, whether we like it or not. If the US kept to themselves we wouldn’t care, but as things stand, we have every right to be concerned about your election.

  127. Jlau’s avatar


    Exactly right!

    Dr Lee,

    Yes you can comment all you want but just as the protestors protest here, there’s not much anyone can do about it. Personally I think people should focus all that extra time and energy into something that would be considered productive.

  128. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Yep, like holding the guy who’ll almost certainly be the worst president in history to account. That is, if he even lasts long enough to do much.

    I love how conservatives constantly obstructed Obama, but expect everyone to just roll over and accept Trump as their President. Well I can tell you right now that we will give Trump as much respect as you gave to Obama—in other words, none at all.

  129. Lee’s avatar

    Dr. Lee,

    Just wanted to respectfully mention that after Obama gave the ok for non citizens to vote, Hillary would not have won the popular vote. People say that Obama didn’t give the OK, and by skillfully playing with words, his actual words did not, but the clear and loud comment that “Nobody will come to look for you. Your vote is sanctified and very personal and NO ONE in the government will ever come looking for anyone” was a clear message. If I heard that and I wasn’t a citizen, I would think that I was just given the OK to vote and if the fear from repercussions of voting illegally are completely of the table, why wouldn’t every illegal person here not vote. Trump was clearly leading in both popular vote and Electoral vote until Nevada and California turned in their numbers. 3.5 million people illegally voted and this was stated by a democratic analyst. Without those votes. Hillary didn’t win the popular vote. One of my friend’s wife, who hated Trump with a passion, mentioned the other day after hearing Trumps proposed tax exemptions for the lower income stated that if she had known about that, she would have voted for Trump. So many people have an ulterior motive and when they see Trump for who he is rather than the propaganda, they realize that he isn’t the bad guy. Back in the 80′s and 90′s, after being in the Military and seeing the gross overpayment for tools nad so many other things, I would tell people that if a businessman were to get in the Whitehouse and clean up all of the corrupt overspending, it would be enough to pay for so many other programs that we needed to help those who can’t work and can’t take care of themselves. I was so ashamed of my aunt, I hate to say. She was healthy physically and mentally, and after my uncle died, she didn’t want to work so she voted straight democratic party not knowing any facts because she believed that as long as there was a democratic president, she would not have to work. So many people are so quick to hate. They preach against the haters, but yet they preach with hate. This also doesn’t make sense to me. I hunger for truth. Not for something that wins my argument or makes me feel good. I want the full uncorrupted truth and that is why I search past what is fed to me and look at the logic. Why would trump have been so against David Duke in the 90′s if he was a raving supremacist? Why did he always run on the Reform Party ticket in the past and then run on the Republican ticket this time? Look back to the 80′s and look up the lawsuit by David Duke. Look at all the charity work that he did. A minority female who worked for him mentioned in an interview that she absolutely loved working for trump and that one of the biggest things was when she was hired he told her that she was not to be talking about his charity because he believed that if someone is truly being charitable, they don’t need to publicise it to the world. He did pay his taxes. For anyone arguing about his taxes, he has published them and also, I truly hope that everyone who is complaining about tax exemptions, I hope that they don’t claim “Head of Household” or any of the exemptions he is offering and that will be effective January 21, because that would make them a hypocrite. He only took the exemptions that you or I would take legally if we could. I say, “If we could” meaning that my wife can’t claim “Head of household” because she doesn’t qualify. If you try to get the most deductions that you can legally, you can’t complain about Trump. If he didn’t pay taxes, he would be in jail. The IRS wanted Hillary. If he had done anything illegal about his taxes, they would have strung him up. I hope the grammar nazis don’t string me up. my hands are always in constant pain and when I hunt and peck at the keyboard, I’m not really caring if I spelled everything correctly or not. In 4 years, when we are able to see the truth, I would like it stated clearly. Please don’t blame the nazi stuff on Trump. He does not condone it and he isn’t responsible for every racist idiot out here. Again, please show me anything where he directly supports racism. I’ll accept any links and do my full research on top of the research that I have already done and links to videos that have been chopped up by the media will not be accepted. i’ve been sent dozens of videos that show that Obama is Muslim and that he doesn’t say the pledge of allegiance. Those are examples of videos I don’t accept. Obama has gone to the same Christian church for 20 plus years and he does say the pledge of allegiance. it’s so easy to craft videos, but you go to the full videos without the edits and you get the real story. That’s what I’m asking for with trump also. Look at the past and see if things add up. I will be here 4 years from now unless i pass away. If I do, I would still hope that acknowledgment is given properly.

  130. Lee’s avatar


    Please show me anything that proves Trump is racist. Also, keep in mind that CNN set him up for failure by asking him if he approves of David Duke’s endorsement. I take it that you know who he is. If not, I believe you will search his name soon. In the 90′s, David Duke sued Trump. Do you know why? I’ll give you the breadcrumbs and see if you care about the truth. CNN knew about it and that’s why they pressed the matter. David duke does not like trump, so why endorse him? Do the math on it after you read about the lawsuit. Also, if trump is so egotistical and self-serving, please explain all of his charity work and the explicit directive to never publicize his charity. Even when his character is in question in front of the world, he did not allow the people who work for him to publicize his charity. A minority female who had worked for him for 20 years and retired couldn’t bite her tongue anymore and she let out some of his charity work and said that from the day that she was hired that trump made a very strong directive that his charity work was to be kept personal. Also, Trump stated that whatever country would have free trade with the USA, that he would give that back in the same manner, but for those who tax the hell out of our goods, he proposes that we have “the same exact trade” with them. Canada supports free trade thus Trump will continue the free trade practice with Canada. If you think that all Trump voters are racist, ask my Taiwanese wife who she voted for. Also, he put millions of his own money into the campaign so that he wouldn’t feel like he owed anyone favors so that he could do what he felt is right for America. He asked that Hillary do the same. Hillary has over a billion dollars. Why wouldn’t she do the same? The hateful comments on a continuous basis?!?!?! I can show you example after example of how she really doesn’t care for the black community and how she treats people worse than what Trump was accused of. And “Google” Obama and PU**Y song. Why does Obama get a free ride? Why can Hillary get away with saying hateful comments to both male and female? So much worse than what can be shown of Trump. I’m talking about actual proof, not he said and they said… When I lived in Japan and Taiwan, I had no rights, really, and I didn’t expect them. I experienced racism on a DAILY basis. When I heard news from the US, I was terrified to come back, but once I came back, I saw that the news had really been twisted. I came back in 96. I thought the US was going to be in ruins upon my return, but it wasn’t… go figure. Take a look deeper. And I also had a friend that worked for the EOD and often was in the presence of Hillary Clinton and hs would tell me back then how rude and racist she really was… off camera.

  131. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    somps wrote:
    Dr. Lee,

    Just wanted to respectfully mention that after Obama gave the ok for non citizens to vote, Hillary would not have won the popular vote.

    That’s a conservative media lie—non-citizens simply cannot vote, as they cannot be registered to do so. I guess that explains everything else you think on this issue. There’s so many conservative media falsehoods in your walls of text that it would take all day to go through them all, but I just want to pick up on this statement:

    One of my friend’s wife, who hated Trump with a passion, mentioned the other day after hearing Trumps proposed tax exemptions for the lower income stated that if she had known about that, she would have voted for Trump.

    Here’s Trump’s actual tax plan—the poor will be far worse off and the rich will be far richer than ever. That’s what you get when you vote for a millionaire tax dodger.

  132. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    somps wrote: Showtime,

    Please show me anything that proves Trump is racist.

    The fact that just about all of Trump’s supporters here are claiming he said nothing racist shows that you simply cannot be taken seriously—see my comment above.

  133. Jlau’s avatar

    Dr lee,

    I see ur doing the same thing to these posts as the media did with trump. Please at some point, answer some of the facts/questions people are posting here for you to answer!!! I’m baffled why ur so hard up on trump and ur not a US citizen!!!! Chill pill already!!! And as u stated saying that the US is in everyone’s business, then ask yourself this, why does the country you live in allow that to happen? Is it partially ur fault for voting in whoever is running Ur country??? Think about that for a bit. Weird how whoever you elect has no influence here in the US but who gets elected here seems to be eating you alive. Maybe you all have some issues you need to work out at home with the elected officials you all selected. Like some people say, don’t go poking your nose into other people’s business. Mind ur own.

  134. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Your attitude is typical of the ignorance of global politics of conservative Americans. The problem is that the US is the world’s only superpower—your economy is so large that it effects everyone. When George W Bush tanked the US economy with the GFC, he took the rest of the world down with him. And to cite just one example, it looks like Trump will block any US action on climate change, which could literally lead to global catastrophe. And then there’s the issue of a thin-skinned narcissist having access to the nuclear codes—he could literally start World War III in a hissy fit! I’m hard on him because he is totally unqualified for the job—it’s like hiring a cleaner to do brain surgery.

  135. Lee’s avatar

    Dr. Lee,

    I did read the comment above. Please, which white nationalist are you referring to? I hope not David Duke. If so, you really haven’t done your homework. David Duke’s “endorsement” was a means to strike back at Trump. Do a little research on David Duke vs. Trump. He hates Trump. Anyone who has paid attention the past 20 someodd years would know that and CNN knew that and played on it. Check it out. However, I am absolutely astounded that his supporters here are actually claiming that he didn’t run an openly racist campaign. Banning all Muslim immigration and keeping a register of local Muslims isn’t racist? He never said that he was or would “Ban” all Muslims. I would appreciate a link showing that. He has stated many times that Muslims are welcome, however, radical Muslims having known terrorist ties would either be banned or put on a watch list. If America is attacked, are you then going to ask why didn’t Trump do something about it? There are terrorist here. Radical Muslim, Radical Christians, and other radical groups. how would you go about making this country safe? If it’s your responsibility to make sure America is safe, what is your plan? And most importantly of all, why was he so strongly supported by white nationalists if he didn’t run an openly racist campaign? Again, which white nationalist are you referring to? Please don’t say “David Duke”. Trump may have some issues, but why are you not pointing out Hillary’s more extravagant issues? What about all of her racist remarks? If you ask “What racist remarks” it will show extreme bias. You don’t think that Obama paved the way for massive illegal voting? Go listen to Gina Rodriguez’ “interview” with Obama and tell me what the point of that interview was. Not the clip that fox put up… The full interview. It is short. They had one message to get across and it was very clear. I was spouting the same thing as you a year ago. The more research I did the more things didn’t make sense. Go look at archive.org and check put both Hillary’s website and Trump’s over the past year. So many hateful messages on her home page towards Trump. Look at his. you won’t find any hate messages towards Hillary. Why did he use millions of his own money? Hillary is worth a few billion. Why didn’t she accept his challenge to use her own money as he did? He made it clear that if you do, then you don’t owe the special interest groups anything. I’m not saying that Trump is perfect, but he’s nowhere near as bad as Hillary. A black man asked Hillary why she was supporting a man that could work but wouldn’t because he got welfare and was never checked on to see if he actually qualified and she walked up to him and screamed in his face, “If you don’t like what I do, I’ll go cater to all the white voters. How would you like that?” If Trump did that, WoW! you would never let that one go. It’s on video. Google Hillary breakdowns on camera and you should be able to find it. Obama sings, “I’m gonna get me some chicken and eat some pu**y” How’s that ok with everyone? There are a lot of double standards. Is it wrong to expect people to be here legally? Japan wouldn’t allow me to vote even though I had lived there and had my work visa and paid their taxes. Taiwan took my taxes but didn’t allow me to vote and I couldn’t own land or a business. America allows both? come on.

  136. Lee’s avatar

    and get some sleep, its going to be a busy day. I hope i’m not waking you up every time I comment.

  137. Lee’s avatar

    I’m not trying to be rude with this next question, ok. Please understand that. Are you American? I don’t want to presume anything. As you know, I’m new to this forum. I read Trump’s website link and I watched the video. How do you attribute that video as being something Trump has condoned? There was nothing that shows that Trump had anything to do with that group. That speech was from a miserable Richard Spencer and he wasn’t quoting Trump. Go back and listen very carefully. Especially towards the end. If you listen, you can tell those were his own words. And again… chopped up video? That was a racist group that I wish I could obliterate, but those were not Trumps words. That was Richard Spencer giving Richard Spencer’s words. Yes, they support Trump, but Trump doesn’t support them. Where do you get they were “citing Trump”? If they were, it wouldn’t be hard to find. The searches I did came back to Richard Spencer. Please, the statement that you mad means that if it were true, Muslims would never be allowed to come to Amercica, ever. Banned, means never. Two things, please consider everything in context. One, please read this carefully and notice the word UNTIL. Until does not match with Ban. And also keep in mind why this was said. We took in thousands of Muslims. Some have already been found to be part of terrorist cells. Knowing this, read the comment from the link you gave me. *********************** Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.***************** That means, stop letting them come in without being checked until we can account for their motive and if they aren’t tied to terrorist, then let them come in. THERE ARE TERRORIST that have already been caught in that massive intake of Muslims and its backwards to let them come in willy nilly and then catch them. Trump has said many times that he doesn’t have a problem with Muslims; however, he does have a problem with Radical Muslims who mean us harm. Even in their own “bible” they state the demise of any non-Muslim believing person. How is that right and not racist? I don’t think that all Muslims want to kill us. I’ve asked some friends and they don’t want to hurt me. What about those kids that were caught with bombs that didn’t go off. And one of the kids, when asked why he wanted to kill all of those people, his response was that his “teacher” told him that an American wrote “Muslim” on toilet paper and wiped his butt. That wasn’t true, but it was enough to get a kid to try to blow up a mall after America took him in. How do we approach this? Do you have some ideas? PLEASE answer this, What other country allows all people to come across their borders without proper paperwork and allows these people without paperwork to work, vote, and have the same exact rights as their countrymen? What country allows that? How do you suggest straightening out a mess such as this? I am not trying to be condescending with any of my statements and I appreciate the same.

  138. Lee’s avatar

    I gotta go to bed. I’ll look at responses in a couple of days. I’ve got treatments all day tomorrow and will be wiped out all of Sunday and part of Monday most likely. Good night.

  139. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    You obviously haven’t been paying attention—see my comment here as to why non-Americans like me view the election of Trump with disdain.

    And Trump doesn’t have to openly endorse white supremacists—the fact that all white supremacists support him so enthusiastically shows that he ran an openly racist campaign. And there’s nothing more racist than singling out an an entire race for the sins of a minority (or as in this case, a religion—technically that’s really xenophobia, but then you wouldn’t know what I was talking about). And all governments do security checks on migrants before letting them into their country. Trump clearly was talking about stopping all Muslim immigration, period.

    Oh, and one more thing: the Christian Bible advocates killing all non-Christians too.

  140. Lee’s avatar

    Didn’t make it to bed yet, 1. As I have stated and as you have seen, I am new to this forum and have not read through all of the comments. 2. That has to be the most absurd suggestion that enthusiast support someone so that someone must support them. 3. He didn’t single out any one group. He made a statement about all people coming into the country illegally. Back in the 90′s Bill Clinton made a very similar stance and Hillary backed him up and everyone applauded. My question is why is it ok for the Clintons to be racist? 4. Yes, all countries do checks, but America didn’t check out the large group of refugees we took in. Thats what Trump is wanting to rectify. And if “stopping all Muslim immigration, period.” then why the word UNTIL in that very link you sent me. 5. I could care less what the Christian Bible advocates. Would that make it ok? And if you study the Christian Bible, of which I really dont care about, then you would see Old Testament vs New Testament. The only part about killing non christians was in a war that happened and the point was not kill the non christians, it was kill those that are enemies. There was a time period where a religious fanatical christian group fought all those who were non christian and if that group wanted into a Muslim country, do you think that muslim country would let them in. You never mentioned if you are American or not… Why do you debate out of anger and it seems that you hold yourself a bit more arrogant for some reason. I’m not trying to belittle you, but i feel that in your responses, you try to belittle the person that disagrees with you. I’m willing to check out whatever you give me, but I do check it out and not take things out of context. It sounds like something very personal… care to let me know? ah, the sun is about to come up and I gotta shower and get ready to sit in a chair for 5 to 6 hours. Sorry that you feel so hated. i don’t hate you. just trying to answer your question of why I voted for Trump. 4 years, and please don’t delete the conversations. I would like to reflect on it in 4 years. If what you are saying is true, there won’t be any Muslims here. And why wouldn’t I know what xenophobia is? I lived in Japan outside of the city and you don’t think I know what xenophobia is. LoL. Its funny. You talk about Trump with utter hatred, but your accusing him of basically what you are doing. I am curious now, where are you from?

  141. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    You still don’t get it. I did not say “that enthusiast support someone so that someone must support them”—I said the fact that all white supremacists support him so enthusiastically shows that he ran an openly racist campaign. Why the hell would white supremacists have supported him so enthusiastically if he didn’t say the stuff they wanted to hear? Do you finally get it?

    And he did single out Muslims (as per my link), Latinos and blacks. And I did clearly say I wasn’t American. I’m sorry if you feel I am belittling you, but it is frustrating to debate with someone who seems to lack basic reading comprehension skills—I keep repeating myself over and over, but no matter how many times I say it, you still just don’t get it. My guess is though that you aren’t actually stupid—your mind just filters out anything that disagrees with your pre-concieved beliefs, making it impossible for you to understand what I’m saying. This is normal for conservatives.

    Oh, and if you’d read my earlier comments fully, you would know I am Australian. And here’s a list of violent passages in the Bible (many from the New Testament).

    As for your final points, I am very happy to make a series of predictions regarding Trump’s presidency and compare them with yours, then see who is right in 4 years time. I am very happy to take on anybody here—let’s see who’s right about him.

  142. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    Luke wrote: Given the response this one has got I might start posting political articles, it’s ten times the usual traffic even with banning people! It’s a thankless job I tell ya! https://www.asian-sirens.net/wp/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_sad.gif” alt=”:(“>

    I think we should just combine the political jibber jabber with siren pics!

  143. Lee’s avatar

    Dr. Lee,

    Why did you assume that I had no idea what xenophobia is?

  144. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Actually, I probably didn’t say that very well—in context it sounds like it was directed at you personally, but I meant ‘you’ generally, as in many readers might not be familiar with the term. My apologies.

    Anyway, with that I think I’d better lock down this thread—I’m getting dangerously close to personally insulting people myself, and we seem to just be going around in circles now anyway. It was interesting though.

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